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Sierra Institute Wins Award for Proposal to Turn Logging Waste into Energy

Taylorsville – Sierra Institute for Community and Environment, a research organization focused on education and community collaboration, has won a $100,000 national competition for its entrepreneurial approach to solving challenges facing national forests across the country. The institute’s winning business plan capitalizes on California’s alternative energy markets and the woody material available in local national […]

Will California’s New Subsidy Accelerate Energy Storage, Just as the CSI Drove Solar?

There’s a new and bigger renewables subsidy now in effect in California, unanimously approved last week by the Public Utilities Commission, that has the potential to light up the energy storage market. The Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) has been boosting distributed energy in California for years. It was the chief subsidy for solar prior to […]

NRG Energy Has a Secretive Distributed Energy Optimization Platform, Called SpaceTag

What’s the best combination of distributed resources for every building in Southern California Edison’s 5.2 million customer service territory — and what’s it worth to each customer? NRG Energy says its new SpaceTag platform can provide the answer to these questions across a changing portfolio of properties and technologies, down to the individual building address. […]

Greener Energy and Lower Utility Bills?

If I offered to reduce your utility bill, help green the environment and even create new jobs, you might be tempted to question my sanity. Or worse. But you’d be wrong because there’s a proven and exciting new way of providing green power to Los Angeles County consumers that can reduce greenhouse gases as well […]

Cotati opposes SB 618

Cotati’s City Council has penned a letter in opposition to California State Senate Bill 618, which would shift the decision making authority on power contracts from locally elected officials to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The shift in power would be done by the transferring of authority of electricity supply contracts and customer programs […]