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California Solar Industry and Utilities Unveil Dueling Solar-Storage Tariffs

California is already breaking ground in attempting to properly value the distributed technologies hitting the grid. So far, that’s been done through large-scale capacity contracts, demand response auction mechanisms, and utility pilots. Now the state is opening another front in distributed energy integration: tariffs. Over the next year or so, the state’s investor-owned utilities are […]

SDG&E Invests in Energy Storage with Flow Battery Technology

SDG&E is unveiling a new vanadium redox flow battery storage pilot project in coordination with Sumitomo Electric, which stemmed from a partnership between Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Development Organization and the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. During the four-year demonstration project, SDG&E will be researching if flow batterytechnology can economically enhance the delivery of reliable energy […]

Sonoma Clean Power Becomes Default in June

The Fort Bragg City Council met Monday evening to discuss the Georgia-Pacific mill site, Sonoma Clean Power (Fort Bragg’s new default electricity provider), upgrades to local streetlights and more. SONOMA CLEAN POWER Sonoma Clean Power will become the default electricity provider in the area in coming months after a decision by the City Council to […]

As California Prepares for Wholesale Distributed Energy Aggregation, New Players Seek Approval

California’s push to make aggregated distributed energy resources into transmission grid market players is the most developed in the country. But it’s still about a year from going live in a big way. It’s also facing some key challenges, like getting approval — or at least “concurrence” — from the utilities that run the distribution grids where […]

California Funds $2.7 Million for Two Berkeley Lab Geothermal Research Projects

The California Energy Commission is funding two geothermal research projects that are aimed at making geothermal energy more cost-effective to deploy and operate. Today, geothermal energy provides around 6% of California’s power, but could provide more if associated costs were lower. Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have now launched these […]

Tule Wind Project Expansion Clears Legal Hurdle

Opponents of a wind project that will dot the ridgeline of the McCain Valley in San Diego’s East County lost a court decision this week, meaning an expansion to the Tule Wind Project remains on schedule. The Protect Our Communities Foundation (POC) battled the project from its inception, claiming the blades from wind turbines pose a danger to birds […]

SoCal Edison Seeks 55MW of Distributed Energy Resources to Keep Santa Barbara’s Lights On

Utility Southern California Edison has been asking for batteries, demand response and other distributed energy resources to solve a host of its grid needs, from long-term capacity needs caused by the San Onofre nuclear power plant shutdown, to the immediate shortfalls caused by the Aliso Canyon closure. Now it’s asking for distributed energy resources (DERs) that can help it help prevent […]

Sonoma Clean Power to Become Willits’ Default Provider

Willits residents can expect changes to their electric bills starting in June. Sonoma Clean Power, which became Mendocino County’s main electric supplier last fall, is bringing its services to Willits. Starting on the city’s June meter read date, all homes and businesses will automatically be enrolled in the power agency’s default service, running on 36 […]

Our View: The Choice seems clear in Apple Valley

The Town of Apple Valley held public information meetings last week about its new Choice Energy program, attracting large crowds of interested residents. Though a few seem to see conspiracies and ulterior motives in just about anything the Town Council is involved in, for us this state-approved program seems like a win-win for residents and […]