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IEUA Launches Landmark Water-Energy Project

Clean tech energy storage leader Advanced Microgrid Solutions and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency recently launched a landmark water-energy project using advanced energy storage systems designed to better integrate renewable power, reduce demand on the electric grid and lower costs. The first-of-its-kind link between storage and renewable resources at a public water agency, installed and […]

Fresno County Solar Project to Provide Energy to Community Choice Aggregator

Tempe, Arizona-based First Solar has struck a power purchase agreement with Northern California community choice aggregator MCE (Marin Clean Energy) to provide energy from First Solar’s Little Bear project in Fresno County. To be located on 630 acres a few miles southwest of Mendota, Little Bear will generate up to 40 megawatts of energy to […]

City Decides to Go Slow on Community Choice Energy Program

Woodland decided to take a low-power approach to a “Community Choice” power system that could eventually reduce local electric bills. Acting Tuesday, the City Council gave unanimous support toward forming an ad hoc advisory committee to evaluate the benefits and risks of the Community Choice Energy Program, which is being put together locally by Yolo […]

Why Does San Diego Have Such Bad Air Quality?

It’s Worse than You Might Think… There is a lot of discussion these days about climate change. Global warming. Carbon emissions. The Climate Action Plan. You no doubt have friends talking about going electric, or who are proud owners and drivers of electric vehicles. Or friends or family members who devoutly bike everywhere. You may […]

Orange Line Secures Funding for Electric Buses

The U.S. Department of Transportation has provided a $4.3 million grant to bring electric buses to the Orange Line busway in the San Fernando Valley. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority will contribute $5.8 million in matching funds for the purchase of five 60-foot New Flyer Xcelsior XE40 electric buses and eight charging stations. […]

California’s Electric-Car Rebates Jump for Lower-Income Buyers and Vanish for More High Earners

In an effort to boost the sale of low-emissions vehicles, California is again tweaking its rebate program for buyers of all-electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell cars. Starting Tuesday, high-income earners are excluded from getting the rebates and prospective buyers from lower-income households will get more money under the state’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. California’s focus on income will not affect the substantial tax credits […]

Tesla Debuts Sleek Glass Solar Rooftop Tiles

Tesla has taken a major step towards delivering on its vision of providing integrated solar, energy storage and electric vehicle technologies with the unveiling Monday of its new solar glass roof tile and Powerwall energy storage system. At an event on the lot for the TV show “Desperate Housewives” at Universal Studio in Los Angeles, […]