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Interview – Tom Habashi, Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Valley Clean Energy

“It’s incredible, you just have to keep an open mind. You can be creative in so many ways…in about a year we are going to have a $250 million business with a lot of opportunities to consider.”   Tom Habashi, CEO, Silicon Valley Clean Energy Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), the Community Choice Energy (CCE)[i] program […]

OP-ED: It’s Time for 100% Renewable Energy: Here’s Why

When you think of renewable energy, you probably think of wind turbines and solar panels, clean sources of energy that can make up a small percentage of our electric power supply. Often, the idea is that these sources of power are not consistent and tend to cost more than fossil fuel power plants running on […]

Wind, Solar Energy Have Not Harmed U.S. Power Grid: Industry Study

With the Trump administration expected to publish an analysis that could undermine the U.S. wind and solar industries, two renewable energy lobbying groups on Tuesday released their own study saying new energy sources pose no threat to the country’s power grid. Wind and solar advocates have said the government study’s outcome appeared to be pre-determined […]

Small Utilities Score Huge Victory in California Aggregate Net Metering Case

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) reached an aggregate net metering decision last week that could have long-lasting effects that ripple far beyond the Golden State’s borders. In the immediate term,  CPUC Resolution E-4854 allows small investor-owned utilities (IOUs) the same rights it granted the Big 3 (Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE) […]

Metro’s Plan Would Electrify Bus Fleet by 2030

Under pressure from environmentalists and others to end its reliance on compressed natural gas (CNG), Metro has presented its plan to gradually transition to a fully-electric bus fleet. While the end goal is laudable, the time-frame is no portrait in courage. Metro intends to proceed this month with a $200 million contract for 295 CNG buses, […]

PG&E, BMW Pilot Successfully Demonstrates Electric Vehicles as an Effective Grid Resource

The PG&E and BMW iChargeForward pilot program, from July 2015 to December 2016, set out to test the ability of electric vehicles (EVs) to support the energy grid through smart charging and demand response. The newly released program results successfully demonstrate PG&E’s theory that EVs can be used as a flexible grid resource – which […]

Green L.A. County Program Offers Consumers a New Energy Alternative

While Washington is slashing environmental protections and further jeopardizing the future of the planet, Los Angeles County is moving in a visionary new direction. A proven new way of providing green power to county consumers that can reduce both greenhouse gases and consumer bills while building a whole new green economy is around the corner. […]

Agency to Study Oxnard Power Plant Alternatives

The manager of California’s electricity grid agreed to conduct a study of clean energy alternatives to replacing an existing natural gas facility in Oxnard with a new, more efficient fossil fuel plant. In a five-page filing with state regulators on Friday, the California Independent System Operator asked for a deadline of Aug. 16 to complete the project. […]

Huntington Beach City Council Discusses Energy Program

Monday, June 5th, the Huntington Beach City Council considered entering a non-disclosure agreement with Southern California Edison to look into a community choice aggregation, which can provide cities control over electricity rates and efficiency programs, a city staff report says. A CCA is a program for cities to buy or generate electricity for residents, according […]

Want Offshore Wind Turbines off La Jolla? 10 Lobbyists, Planning Groups, and SDG&E Debate Choosing Your Energy

The Sustainable Energy Advisory Board is discussing community choice aggregation today. It’s a hot topic revolving around greenhouse gas emissions and whether to stay with SDG&E or create a new local government agency tasked with purchasing energy and setting utility rates. SDG&E would still deliver the electricity and send out the bills which would include […]