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Why Did L.A. County Create Another Utility?

As Los Angeles County moves to set up its own utility, customers will have a chance to break with longtime power provider Southern California Edison beginning in mid-2018. The Board of Supervisors’ unanimous vote Tuesday to create the public energy program requires customers to decide whether to stay with Edison or sign up with the […]

King City Backs out of Monterey Bay CCE

A hugely popular renewable energy program sounds like nothing but fun in the sun to most government leaders, but a couple communities are now signaling they may pass on the chance to join the party. King City and Del Rey Oaks are the only two municipalities out of 21 that have voted not to join […]

California Considering Rebates for Energy Storage Systems

California has a good solar problem. It has an overabundance of solar power generation that could be better utilized with the implementation of energy storage technology. State Senator Scott Weiner (D) introduced Senate Bill 700 to create an energy storage incentive that would provide rebates to customers of utility companies who install energy storage systems. […]

Energy Storage and Demand Response Propel California Forward on Earth Day

California may be at the vortex of Earth Day. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the state’s number one goal, which it’s working to achieve in a variety of ways, most notably by using more renewable energy. But to hit its green energy target, California will rely on new technologies like energy storage and demand response. In […]

Portola Valley Goes ECO100: The First City to Have 100% Renewable Electricity Supply as Default

Portola Valley is the first city in the country to have 100% renewable energy as the default power supply for all customers in its jurisdiction. All cities in San Mateo County now buy their electric power from Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), a joint powers authority. Peninsula Clean Energy gives customers the choice of ECOplus, a […]

Woodland Moving Ahead to Team up with ‘Energy Alliance’

In science circles, an erg is a unit of energy and work that by some definitions is the equivalent of one house fly performing one “push up.” By that standard, perhaps millions of ergs have been expended to prepare a report that recommends Woodland join the Valley Clean Energy Alliance to purchase power more cheaply […]

Redondo Beach Moves Forward on Energy Program Study

The City of Redondo Beach is cautiously continuing its look toward providing renewable energy for itself and its residents, directing staff to analyze the effects of participating in a joint agreement with other cities throughout the South Bay or L.A. County. The action is essentially a do-over of direction made on March 21, when a […]

Earth Day: Improving Air, Water Is ‘Urgent Necessity’

Earth Day, the world’s largest secular holiday and the only event celebrated by more than a half-billion people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities, is sponsored by many national and international organizations. In his official proclamation, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand cited the following reasons for declaring Saturday, April 22, Earth Day in Fresno: “Earth Day, […]

California Community Choice Association Quarterly Update Published

The April edition of Cal-CCA’s Quarterly update was released just as we were putting together this week’s e-news! Cal-CCA is the official association of the 8+ Community Choice agencies in the state that work together to represent the interests of California’s Community Choice electricity providers and their customers.  Most of Cal-CCA’s work happens in the state […]

SF’s Green Energy Goal Is a Decade Ahead of Target

Mayor Ed Lee on Thursday set a new goal for San Francisco — that at least 50 percent of the city’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2020. That’s 10 years ahead of the target the state has set for itself. “At a time when the federal government is rolling back environmental regulations, we are […]