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Salesforce Blesses San Francisco’s Clean Energy Program

Software giant Salesforce, the largest employer in San Francisco, is switching two of its high-rise office buildings in the City by the Bay to 100 percent renewable wind and solar energy via a local community choice aggregation program. The company is the largest business yet to opt into the SuperGreen level of the not-for-profit CleanPowerSF […]

South Bay Clean Power’s DER & Regional Approach

Distributed Energy & Energy Risk Management The South Bay Clean Power CCA initiative’s primary purpose is to create a stable, long-term energy agency that becomes a ‘market maker’ for Distributed Energy — and increasingly relies on these resources over the long-term. Throughout this process, we have not considered the challenge of creating a Distributed Energy-enabled […]

The CPUC Is failing to Play by Its Own Rules in Setting SDG&E Rates

Opinion Last week, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) released a revised Proposed Decision in a San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) rate case that, if adopted, would set back the most vibrant solar market in the country. SDG&E, and the other major investor-owned utilities, have proposed a dramatic shift in their peak time-of-use (TOU) […]

California Mobile Home Park Gets Cutting Edge Renewable Energy System

Listen to the audio here. https://d2ry37igjfn1mv.cloudfront.net/audio/2017/08/01/20170801_sea_solarpilot.mp3 The California Energy Commission is bankrolling a plan to bring renewable energy to a mobile home park near Bakersfield, California. The money will allow for the installation of solar panels and a battery storage system. The idea is to make the technology available to communities that otherwise could not […]

How the 2017 Solar Eclipse Will Affect the US Electric Grid

Total solar eclipses have passed over the United States before. The last coast-to-coast one occurred in 1918. In March 1970, a total solar eclipse moved along the southeast coast and nine years later another plunged several northwestern states into darkness. The difference on August 21, when a 70-mile-wide shadow moves from west to east, will […]

In Some U.S. Communities, Clean Electricity Is Now the Default

Listen to the audio here.  https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/force-cdn/highwinds/climateconnections/CX170727.mp3 For many Californians, clean energy is not only an option, it’s becoming the default. Take Marin County, where residents automatically get 50 percent of their electricity from a mix of solar, wind, and other renewable sources. There, a nonprofit called MCE negotiates contracts on behalf of the community with […]

Putting the Choice in Community Choice Aggregation

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is all the rage in LA County cities these days. Likely inspired by the County’s launch of a CCA Joint Powers Authority (Los Angeles Community Choice Energy) program and a string of presentations, LA County cities have been actively evaluating CCA. This interest is great news for the cities and consumers, […]

DER Aggregation 101: For Utilities, Smaller Resources Can Go a Long Way

In the summer, when cooling demand spikes and a utility needs to reduce load, turning down one air conditioner doesn’t help much. Turning down a thousand would help, however. Which is a simple enough thing to realize, but difficult to execute, manage and monetize. When utilities talk about aggregating resources, they split into two distinct markets: […]

Monterey Bay Community Power Agency Hires Interim CEO, Works on Implementation Plan

Monterey Bay >> Officially formed earlier this year, the Monterey Bay Community Power agency is starting to take shape. This week, the tri-county agency announced the hiring of its first executive officer, Pacific Grove resident and longtime utility administrator Tom Habashi, who will serve as interim CEO. Habashi, who spent the last year as CEO […]

Study Finds That Community Choice Energy Is Cleaner & Cheaper

The overwhelming support for and adoption of Community Choice Energy (CCE) only makes sense. All eight operational CCEs across the state charge lower electricity fees than their utility competitors while providing higher renewable energy content. Consumers save money while their children breathe less polluted air. However, here in the city of San Diego, the mayor […]