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Cities of Campbell, Cupertino, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Saratoga and Sunnyvale Commit to 100% Renewable Energy for City Electricity Accounts

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Sunnyvale, Calif. – The cities of Campbell, Cupertino, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Saratoga and Sunnyvale have taken their commitment to protecting our climate even further by voting to enroll their municipal electricity accounts in Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s optional GreenPrime program starting April 2017. The electricity in these communities to run city-owned facilities, […]

‘Community Choice’ Electricity Set for 2018

By Spring 2018, electricity consumers in Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito counties likely will be using power that is at least 50 percent from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. Under plans endorsed by all but one municipality – Sand City – in the three counties, a new Monterey Bay Community Power […]

PG&E Hits California Net Metering Cap

Dive Brief: Pacific Gas & Electric has hit the cap on its retail net metering program (NEM) and will now move new distributed generation customers into its NEM 2 rate, which includes a one-time fee of $145 for the utility to connect systems of less than 1 MW to the grid. Additionally, new solar customers will be […]

Alameda County Creates Regional Energy Authority

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors has formally created a regional energy authority and finalized a Joint Powers Agreement to allow East Bay municipalities to work together to procure energy for customers and have more input in ensuring that their energy comes from clean, local, renewable sources. Already, 11 local cities have voted to join […]

Martinez to Hold Public Workshop on Whether to Leave PG&E

MARTINEZ, CA – The City of Martinez is exploring whether it – along with 13 other Contra Costa County cities — should leave PG&E and form their own community utility that would more fully use renewable sources. Community Choice Energy, also known as Community Choice Aggregation, is the practice of pooling consumer electricity demand within […]

Oakland, Hayward Opt in on County Energy Agency

OAKLAND — By this time next year, those monthly bills with PG&E’s blue and gold logo will be a thing of the past in much of Alameda County. There will still be monthly power bills, though. They just should be a little bit smaller, for one, and they’ll likely sport another color scheme, as Oakland goes […]

Close to Home: Having a Positive Impact on Climate Far Beyond Our Borders

Sonoma Clean Power results have exceeded everyone’s expectations. So far customers have saved more than $62 million on their electricity bills while being served with power that is 48 percent lower in greenhouse emissions per unit of electricity delivered than PG&E’s.

Clean Energy Program Meeting in Visalia a Success

The Clean Power Exchange hosted a Community Choice Energy presentation on Tuesday, December 13th at the Visalia Veterans Memorial Hall, 609 W. Center St. The program seeks to bring clean energy sources at lower rates to Californians. The presentation is co-sponsored by the Clean Power Exchange, the Clean Energy Cluster of the San Joaquin Valley and the […]

MCE’s Fifth Local Solar Project Brought Online at Larkspur Cost Plus Plaza

Local real estate developer Rawson, Blum & Leon (RBL) is leveraging MCE’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program to utilize unused rooftop space at its popular shopping center in Larkspur, CA. The project, built on the roof of Cost Plus, will deliver over 265 kilowatts AC (345 kW DC) of solar photovoltaic energy to the grid, enough […]

Los Angeles County CCE Community Meeting Recap

Los Angeles – Gary Gero Los Angeles County’s newly appointed Chief Sustainability Officer held a workshop on the county’s proposed Community Choice Energy (CCE) program on December 7th at the UCLA Green Technology Institute. Gero gave a brief overview of what Community Choice Energy is, a timeline of the program, and the next steps needed to get things started. […]