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Silicon Valley Community Choice Programs Moving Forward: Two CEOs Hired

Peninsula Clean Energy and Silicon Valley Clean Energy, both newly formed, took substantial strides in recent weeks toward preparing their programs for launch. The nascent effort in San Jose is also moving down the tracks. Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), encompassing all twenty cities plus the unincorporated areas of San Mateo County, established its joint powers […]

Fresno On Path To Becoming An Advanced Energy Community

The California Energy Commission has awarded the Fresno Local Government Commission $1.5 million to create an integrated clean energy market to serve the Fresno community. The project will focus on Downtown Fresno, the Blackstone Corridor, and the neighborhoods surrounding those areas. “The two-year project will result in greater electricity reliability for the community and lower […]

A Spark of Change in Fresno

The City of Fresno is situated in the heart of California’s agricultural powerhouse the San Joaquin Valley, and is often viewed as the economic capital of the area. Despite its importance and continual growth, the state’s fifth largest city struggles with some of the worst air pollution in the country. To address this issue, the […]

Retired Farmland across the Central Valley Making Way for Renewable Energy

The Central Valley is expected to become a major source of solar power for the state. Thousands of acres of solar farms and being built on unused farmland. Solar panels in the valley are producing electricity for use around the state. The electrical energy generated by this solar farm near Kettleman City is being purchased […]

New CA report: most rooftop solar being installed in middle-income neighborhoods

The cost of installing solar is falling and Californians of all income levels are now installing solar in their homes. For the first time ever though, middle and low income homeowners are making up the majority of those new installations. “Kevala also analyzed city and county-specific installation data. In Fresno County, long known as a […]

Central California Almond Growers Association Announces Completion of 1MW Solar System

The Central California Almond Growers Association has installed a 1MW solar system in its Kerman, CA facility. “CCAGA’s new solar array will produce approximately 1,845,800 kWh of electricity annually for the association, the equivalent of reducing 1,403 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) — equal to the emissions of over 1.3 million pounds of coal burned […]

Clean energy program nears start

Barring a vote from the San Mateo County Supervisors to approve the $7.88 million to get the program started, Peninsula Clean Energy is preparing to launch. “Initial customer enrollments will begin Oct. 1. A second group of customers will be added April 1, 2017, and the remaining customers will start to be enrolled in October […]

Sonoma Clean Power: From startup to profit in two years

Within two years of launching in May 2014, Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) has served Sonoma County residents well. SCP has saved them an average of 2 percent off of their monthly energy bills totaling almost $50 million dollars collectively. “The agency, which includes the county and eight of its nine cities, now serves 196,000 residential and commercial accounts, representing […]

Huchingson asks Lake County BOS to reconsider aggregation

With the costs of the 2015 Valley Fire looming, Lake County officials are unsure of the future of the County’s involvement in a CCA. County Administrative Officer Carol Huchingson has raised concerns, “As your new County Administrative Officer, I am very concerned about the timing of this project,” Huchingson wrote in a memo to the […]

Monterey County may not be able to afford joining regional power agency

“According to a report to the Alternative Energy and Environment Committee on Thursday, the county may have difficulty finding the projected $2.25 million in startup costs in the 2016-17 budget to join the Monterey Bay Community Power Project.” Monterey County may not be able to afford joining regional power agency, by Jim Johnson, Monterey Herald, April 28, […]