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Californians Pay a High Price for Electricity Glut

To cover the cost of new plants whose power isn’t needed, residents and businesses are paying billions more a year to switch on the lights YUBA CITY, Calif. — The bucolic orchards of Sutter County north of Sacramento had never seen anything like it: a visiting governor and a media swarm — all to christen the […]

Valley Clean Energy Alliance Launch: Board of Directors Hold Inaugural Meeting

On December 14, 2016, I attended the first Board of Directors meeting for the Valley Clean Energy Alliance (VCEA). The VCEA is a new joint powers agency between Yolo County and the City of Davis, with the purpose of providing electric generation services to its residents under Community Choice Energy (CCE). Reducing greenhouse gas emissions […]

Per Capita Davis: The Paradigm Shift Must Be Now

I was a member of the Davis Planning Commission for several years back in the early 1980s. I left the commission in 1986, in part because I was burned out on late-night meetings that often went into the early morning, but there was more to it than that. I would have stayed on longer except […]

Woodland’s Community Choice Panel to Get New Members

Unlike the intent of its mission — which is to limit the use of conventional power sources — Woodland’s Community Choice Energy Advisory Committee is growing by expanding its membership. There won’t be any economic jolt to the city by the action, which earlier anticipated the size of the group might have to get bigger […]

What Is the Valley Clean Energy Alliance?

Function The Valley Clean Energy Alliance (VCEA) has been formed by the City of Davis and Yolo County to implement a local Community Choice Energy (CCE) program, otherwise known as Community Choice Aggregation.  VCEA is a joint powers agency designed to serve electricity customers located within the participating jurisdictions.  The mission of VCEA is to […]

Davis, Yolo County Working to Create Competitive Electricity Market

Davis and Yolo County are working to create a competitive electricity market for residents and businesses. The city and county have approved the formation of Valley Clean Energy Alliance, which will be a nonprofit joint powers authority local energy provider. Yolo County approved it this week. Davis approved the idea in March. The formation of […]

Woodland Selects Panel of Community Choice Energy Advisors

A panel of six residents will be the nucleus around which a larger body could assemble to determine whether a Community Choice Energy program would be a good fit for Woodland. Acting Tuesday night, the City Council accepted the group which will consider whether alternative energy sources would be preferred over Pacific, Gas & Electric […]

Per Capita Davis: Think Globally, Build Renewables Locally

My last two columns have been about Community Choice Energy, coming to all of us ratepayers less than a year from now. I called the columns CCE 101 and CCE 102. There is so much to say about Community Choice Energy and we will hear a lot about it when the board is formed and begins […]

Yolo County and City of Davis Partner to Bring Choice to Local Electricity

(Press Release) – Yolo County and the City of Davis have taken an important step to bring competition to the local electricity market. Both have voted unanimously to form the Valley Clean Energy Alliance (VCEA), a locally-based, not-for-profit electricity energy provider. Scheduled to begin service in Fall 2017, VCEA is designed to deliver cost-competitive clean […]

Editorial: Community Choice Alliance Right Way to Go

Woodland’s City Council decided to take a go-slow approach before hooking up with a Community Choice Energy Program called the Valley Clean Energy Alliance and we think that’s a wise decision. But we would urge the council and city to not wait too long before getting involved. After all, there is an opportunity here that […]