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California Mobile Home Park Gets Cutting Edge Renewable Energy System

Listen to the audio here. The California Energy Commission is bankrolling a plan to bring renewable energy to a mobile home park near Bakersfield, California. The money will allow for the installation of solar panels and a battery storage system. The idea is to make the technology available to communities that otherwise could not […]

Study Finds That Community Choice Energy Is Cleaner & Cheaper

The overwhelming support for and adoption of Community Choice Energy (CCE) only makes sense. All eight operational CCEs across the state charge lower electricity fees than their utility competitors while providing higher renewable energy content. Consumers save money while their children breathe less polluted air. However, here in the city of San Diego, the mayor […]

CCA Outreach Begins

SOLANA BEACH — As part of the city’s outreach efforts to explain community choice aggregation, or CCA, a presentation was given to the Climate Action Commission during the advisory board’s July 19 meeting. CCA, also called community choice energy, is identified in the Climate Action Plan adopted one week earlier by City Council as the […]

San Diego Study Finds Cheaper, Greener Energy from Utility Leapfrog

Utility companies are facing a tough environment with the advent of renewable energy, and things are about to get much tougher. A new study commissioned by the city of San Diego, California indicates that the city may have an opportunity to provide electricity consumers with lower rates, ramp up its use of renewable energy and […]

7 Things to Understand about Community Choice in San Diego

Last week, the city of San Diego got its answer on whether switching to an alternative energy program that would bypass San Diego Gas & Electric is possible and cost-effective. The broad answers, contained in a feasibility report conducted by Willdan Financial Services, were yes it is feasible and yes it is cost-effective. But the […]

City OKs Climate Action Plan

SOLANA BEACH — As expected, council members at the July 12 meeting adopted a climate action plan, a document more than two years in the making that provides the city with a roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and address the challenges of climate change. “Our city’s always been a leader in this and […]

San Diego Is Looking for 500 MW of Pumped Hydro to Integrate Renewables

Lithium-ion batteries have dominated not only conversations about the future of energy storage, but deployment in recent years. The batteries are relatively quick to install, can be scaled up or down from residential to grid-scale applications and can be sited pretty much anywhere. Furthermore, falling costs are making such systems increasingly attractive for applications up […]

City of San Diego One Step Closer to Energy Freedom: Independent Study Confirms Community Choice Energy Beneficial for San Diego Families & Businesses

Program Proven in Cities throughout California will Reach 100% Clean Energy Goal, Lower Costs & Offer Consumers Choice SAN DIEGO, July 13, 2017—Today, the City of San Diego released the results of its widely anticipated Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Feasibility Study at the Sustainable Energy Advisory Board meeting. The independent and peer-reviewed study proves the […]

New Study Finds Use Of Community Choice Energy Feasible

Switching to an alternative energy program called community choice will help the city of San Diego use more renewable sources of energy and could lower electricity costs, according to a study published this week. The long-anticipated study—paid for by the city and conducted by the firm Willdan Financial Services—will likely serve as a jumping-off point […]

Carlsbad To Share Cost Of Community Choice Energy Study

Carlsbad is the fourth North County city to agree to consider the feasibility of Community Choice Energy. Carlsbad City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to join other North County coastal cities and start exploring the feasibility of buying energy from cleaner sources of power. Community Choice Energy, or Community Choice Aggregation as it is sometimes […]