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Portola Valley Goes ECO100: The First City to Have 100% Renewable Electricity Supply as Default

Portola Valley is the first city in the country to have 100% renewable energy as the default power supply for all customers in its jurisdiction. All cities in San Mateo County now buy their electric power from Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), a joint powers authority. Peninsula Clean Energy gives customers the choice of ECOplus, a […]

SF’s Green Energy Goal Is a Decade Ahead of Target

Mayor Ed Lee on Thursday set a new goal for San Francisco — that at least 50 percent of the city’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2020. That’s 10 years ahead of the target the state has set for itself. “At a time when the federal government is rolling back environmental regulations, we are […]

Portola Valley Goes ECO100: the First City to Have 100% Renewable Electricity Supply as Default

PORTOLA VALLEY – Portola Valley is one of the smaller cities in San Mateo County, but it’s making its mark with a historic first in green power purchasing. Portola Valley is the first city in the country to have 100% renewable energy as the default power supply for all customers in its jurisdiction. All cities […]

Peninsula Clean Energy Now Serving All of San Mateo County with Lower Cost, Cleaner Electricity

REDWOOD CITY – Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) became California’s largest community choice energy program this month, as the joint powers authority completed the enrollment of almost 300,000 accounts that are receiving electric generation service. PCE is a joint powers authority of the 20 cities in San Mateo County, and the county itself, set up to […]

MCE and Cenergy Announce Local and Union Labor Plan for New Solar Construction

Subcontractors Shortlisted to Provide Jobs to Build MCE Solar One RICHMOND, CA – MCE has partnered with solar developer Cenergy Power to build the largest publicly-owned solar project in the Bay Area, MCE Solar One. The 49.5 acre, 10.5 MW ground mounted solar farm in Richmond will support 341 jobs and provide power for 3,417 […]

OP-ED: Peninsula Clean Energy Now Serving Entire County

A quiet, growing clean-power movement has been gaining momentum in San Mateo County over the past few years and this month it will benefit all San Mateo County residents. That movement is led by Peninsula Clean Energy, the new default electricity supplier for San Mateo County. PCE began enrolling customers in October, and by the […]

Cotati opposes SB 618

Cotati’s City Council has penned a letter in opposition to California State Senate Bill 618, which would shift the decision making authority on power contracts from locally elected officials to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The shift in power would be done by the transferring of authority of electricity supply contracts and customer programs […]

Sun Raining Jobs on Oakland, Richmond

The sun has been creating more jobs than before: Solar jobs in Alameda and Contra Costa counties increased in 2016, according to The Solar Foundation, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that advances solar energy use. According to a report that the foundation released in March, the number of solar jobs in Contra Costa County rose to […]

Community Speaks up for Community Choice at California Public Utilities Commission Meeting on April 6 in Santa Rosa

Half of the thirty-two people who spoke at the April 6 meeting of the California Public Utilities Commission spoke in support of Community Choice Energy and/or Sonoma Clean Power. A strong showing of support for Community Choice. Ann Hancock noted the auspicious nature of the location, Santa Rosa City Council Chambers, as being the location […]

Green Electricity: County Edges Closer To Community Choice

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA — The residents of Contra Costa County will soon have the option of buying electricity from largely renewable sources, outside the current supply offered by PG&E. The Board of Supervisors received a report onTuesday from consultants hired to study the options available to the county and 14 of its cities for […]