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11 California Communities “Opt up” for 100% Renewable Energy

In five years, as many as 60% of investor-owned utility (IOU) customers in California may be part of a community choice aggregation program (CCA). It all started with Marin Clean Energy (MCE), the state’s first CCA to set up shop back in 2010. CCAs let communities procure renewable energy in bulk from developers, or build […]

Marin-Based Renewable Electricity Supplier Doubles in Size with New Members

MCE’s board voted this week to admit Contra Costa County, Concord, San Ramon, Pittsburg and five smaller municipalities into its service area, which could result in nearly a doubling of its customer base. “The meeting last night resulted in a unanimous vote to add the nine new communities,” Dawn Weisz, MCE executive officer said on […]

Trinchero Family Estates Transitions to Clean Energy Across all Napa Facilities and Vineyards

ST. HELENA, Calif., July 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Trinchero Family Estates (TFE) has transitioned all of its energy use to Deep Green 100% renewable energy across all of its facilities in Napa County, CA. The move by the organization to convert all electric power across all aspects of the business represents an important commitment to […]

Service Members Keep Giving Back: GRID Alternatives Celebrates Veteran’s Day

Deep Green Leaders: 11 MCE Member Communities Go 100% Renewable!

Demonstrating environmental leadership, the Cities and Towns of Corte Madera, El Cerrito, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Napa, Novato, Richmond, Ross, and San Rafael; and the Counties of Marin and Napa have all voted to enroll in MCE’s Deep Green electricity service, which is 100% greenhouse gas-free, Green-e Energy certified, wind and solar power produced in California. […]

Coastal Advocates Defend Marine Sanctuaries

President Donald Trump may want to expand offshore oil drilling, but it’s no surprise he’s facing pushback in a region known for being one of the most at risk of climate change and where residents are increasingly turning to renewable energy. San Mateo County officials are urging the federal government to keep protections in place […]

CleanPowerSF Brings Cleaner Electricity to San Francisco

Opinion What if we could power our homes with 100 percent clean energy at competitive rates? San Francisco has a new default electricity provider called CleanPowerSF, and residents are being enrolled one neighborhood at a time. The change is automatic: unless you deliberately opt out, electricity served to your home will soon come from 40 […]

Harbor District Makes Switch to Clean Energy

The San Mateo County Harbor Commission voted unanimously at its June 21 meeting to adopt Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECO100 program that uses only clean and renewable energy sources. The switch would affect Pillar Point Harbor, the district’s administration office in El Granada and the Oyster Point Marina in South San Francisco. District officials say using […]

PUC Will Consider Changing Energy Exit Fee

The California Public Utilities Commission has decided to review the mechanism by which Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and other investor-owned utilities are compensated when customers switch to community choice aggregators, such as Marin Clean Energy. The utilities and the community choice aggregators agree that the current mechanism for compensation is flawed. They are at […]

San Ramon Council to Consider Joining MCE Clean Energy

The San Ramon City Council is set to hold a public hearing on the city’s proposed plan to join MCE Clean Energy as a community choice energy provider at its meeting Tuesday night. In the wake of an online survey the city released a few weeks ago requesting community feedback on the plan, the council […]