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Marin’s MCE Clean Energy Leads Distributed Energy Resources Projects

In 2016 a small group of North Bay renewable energy professionals met to explore new ways to greatly expand local clean energy resources in the North Bay Area and eventually throughout California. They believed that with proper planning, local energy development could result in a projects that would be more affordable, create jobs, keep revenue […]

Sonoma Clean Power Adds Wind

Sonoma Clean Power broke ground today on a project that will update an existing wind power facility and bring more wind power in-state. The Golden Hills North Wind Facility, in the western central valley community of Tracy, will remove 283 30-year-old wind turbines and replace them with 20 2.3-megawatt GE turbines, capable of generating more […]

San Jose Approves Clean Energy Program

San Jose approved a program Tuesday to pool funds from residents to purchase energy from green sources, becoming the largest city in the country to do so. Several other Bay Area communities have established such programs, known as Community Choice Energy programs. They are an alternative to purchasing power from the major state utilities — […]

San Jose City Council Approves New Community Choice Energy Plan, the Largest in California

SAN JOSE — San Jose on Tuesday became the largest California city to launch “community choice energy” — an alternative electricity provider that environmentalists say will save money and reduce pollution linked to climate change. “While leaders in Washington continue to languish in a petroleum-fueled past, cities like San Jose will chart the path to a […]

Sonoma Clean Power, Utilities Face Battle over Energy Costs

The North Bay pioneered a new type of public energy program in California seven years ago that now appears poised to change who buys electricity for homes and businesses across large swaths of the state. The programs, of which Sonoma Clean Power was an early leader, have expanded dramatically over the past several years. Their […]

Writer, MCE manager, clarifies details on Community Choice Energy

Dear Editor: My name is JR Killigrew and I’m a community development manager at MCE, the CCE which the County, Danville and Oakley recently joined. I have worked with the City of Antioch on their climate action plan in my previous role. I did want to follow up and thank you for following the CCE […]

Editorial: Community Choice Energy plan will be good for San Jose and consumers

San Jose can’t hope to meet the state’s mandate of getting 50 percent of its energy from renewable resources by 2030 without aggressively pursuing the use of clean power. So on Tuesday, the City Council should approve a Community Choice Energy (CCE) plan, giving residents and businesses the ability to choose their source of electricity. This is […]

Liccardo: Let consumers choose to use clean energy and, by the way, save money

All too often, calls for environmental sustainability resemble a doctor’s advice — urging that we indulge less, sweat more and take bad-tasting medicine. Fortunately, life sometimes gives us happier options. The San Jose City Council faces such an option this May, when it can make San Jose greener by enabling our residents and businesses to choose […]

Abandoned California Quarry Becomes Site of Solar Farm

Reclamation of an old, abandoned quarry near the town of Novato, Calif., involved the placement of 6,000 solar panels to convert it into a solar farm capable of producing enough energy to power 300 homes, CBS SF Bay Area reports. The quarry was called a “brown site,” because asbestos in the rock made it unusable for most […]

Oakley Moves to Join Marin Clean Energy

OAKLEY — The City Council backed a resolution Tuesday to join Marin Clean Energy and will bring the final application for approval on May 23. Three council members voted to go with Marin Clean Energy, the first community choice energy program, as opposed to East Bay Community Energy, which is still being formed. Councilmember Claire Alaura […]