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Opportunities for Cleaner Air in the Central Valley

For decades, air quality activists and everyone who breathes in the San Joaquin Valley have endured a standoff between industry and public health. Now, with recent efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, we see an opportunity to leverage the focus on climate change to indirectly accomplish what our local air district has not been able to […]

Can California tune up its climate strategy?

BY THE EDITORIAL BOARD of the FRESNO BEE As Philadelphia baked and wildfires roared like the apocalypse in California, Gov. Jerry Brown last week called on the nation to remember the impact this presidential election could have on climate change. “What America needs today are not deniers, but leaders. Not division, but common purpose. Not […]

A Hot Issue: Fresno’s Getting Warmer …But We Could Change That.

July marks the first full month of summer. Here in Fresno, the seventh month of the year is the peak of the area’s grueling high temperatures during the season. This summer presented Fresno’s unyielding heat waves slightly earlier than normal, and will continue on until early fall. Just a few days after the summer started, […]

San Joaquin County – Hub of Electric Vehicle Innovation

Named after the lengthy river that runs through it, San Joaquin County was the Valley’s first location where settlers took up permanent residence. With a readily accessible water source, it’s easy to see why it was originally developed for agriculture and ranching. I was born and raised in Tracy (about 30 miles from the County […]

Report: Fresno is No. 1 for Industrial Solar Power in California

A new study released Wednesday ranks Fresno No.1 in California for industrial solar power installations. JOHN WALKER Fresno Bee Staff Photo   BY BONHIA LEE Fresno is the state’s top region for industrial solar power, according to a report from a San Francisco nonprofit. The amount of solar energy generated on Fresno-area warehouses and distribution centers […]

Mendota, San Joaquin enter HERO PACE program

The cities of Mendota and San Joaquin in Fresno County will now offer HERO PACE to residents. This program makes it easier for homeowners to install solar and make other energy efficient home improvements by allowing them to finance their projects through HERO. “To date the program has financed $39.1 million in projects for 1,895 […]

Air Quality Solutions Include Community Electricity

The World Health Organization Report of 2015 statistics recently announced that the San Joaquin Valley has the worst air quality in the nation and also has the highest childhood asthma rates. Year after year in authoritative reports the San Joaquin Valley is named the dirtiest air basin in the nation. The pervasiveness of the trend […]

Air Quality Lawsuit Adds to Oil Refinery’s Woes

An idle refinery in Bakersfield is stirring up trouble as residents fight to keep in inactive. The refinery has been issued a permit to restart and expand operations. However, due to a downturn in the economy and the price of oil, restarting operations may not be feasible. Residents and clean air proponents are fighting to […]

Life in San Joaquin valley, the place with the worst air pollution in America

Air quality in the San Joaquin Valley has been identified as some of the worst in the nation according to the World Health Organization. This article explores the social, economic, political, and geographical issues impacting quality of life in the Valley. “The United Nations’ health agency linked Visalia and Porterville, two small cities 30 miles apart […]