Action Alert: Regulators on the Attack Against Communities Throughout California

Local Control and Decision-making Independence Threatened

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(Note: this article has been updated to reflect changes in CPUC’s calendar as the result of our… your actions – THANK YOU!)

The Charles McGlashan Community Choice Aggregation Act of 2011 (SB 790) affirmed the legislature’s strong support for Community Choice Energy and states that California has a substantial governmental interest in ensuring that nothing threatens the consideration, development, and implementation of Community Choice Agencies (CCAs).

SB 790 was necessary due to the fact that the large monopoly utilities did not seem to understand what “cooperate fully” with emerging CCAs meant in the original Community Choice law, 2002’s AB 117. The hitch is that it is not the legislature itself that implements the laws, it is the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). And the CPUC does not seem to understand that the legislature has repeatedly made it clear that it is not kidding when it consistently affirms its support for Community Choice. Why? Because the legislature understands that Community Choice is the number one vehicle leading the way on the State’s climate policy goals, rapidly accelerating the development of a new local clean energy economy.

But now Community Choice Energy is once again under attack, this time directly from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). This attack is an overreach of CPUC’s authority and is an attack on all of the communities – cities, counties, unincorporated villages all over the state – who, if this resolution passes, will have a much more difficult time exercising their right under the law to form their own locally controlled electric service provider. Why should these communities be denied the same opportunity for enhanced choice, local economic benefits, rate reductions, and environmental benefits that millions now enjoy via the nine operational CCAs in the state? What’s more, it is an overreach in the other direction, countermanding state policy.

On December 8th, the CPUC issued a Draft Resolution that will impose substantial burdens on newly forming Community Choice Agencies (CCAs). Please click HERE for all the tools and resources you need to help defend the leading catalyst of the local clean energy economy… Community Choice Energy!

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