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Energy Efficiency and Community Choice Energy Opportunities for Fresno

During this time of COVID-19, many Fresno residents are unable to pay their power bills because of economic hardships. The unemployment rate in Fresno County was 15.7% in May of this year. The average residential electricity rate in Fresno 1.63% greater than the California average and 31.2% greater than the national average. Fresno residents are […]

The Center’s Destiny Rodriguez Discusses Community Choice Efforts in Fresno

Community Choice Energy agencies are supporting their customers and communities across the state during this pandemic, offering millions of dollars in relief efforts in response to COVID-19. The City of Fresno could benefit from this model once implemented to utilize revenues for our own impacted residents and local businesses rather than waiting for aid. If […]

Local and state efforts to electrify our vehicles will yield great benefits for everyone

 By Destiny Rodriguez When I think of banks, I don’t think of these institutions as supporting pollution-free transportation or lowering greenhouse gas emissions and improving local air quality. However, Beneficial State bank is doing all three of these things by promoting clean vehicles in the Fresno area and throughout the Central Valley. On June 11, […]

Valley Fever Hits Home

If you don’t know what Valley Fever is, you should because you may have already been exposed to it and not know it. Valley Fever is the result of a soil fungus that lives inside a person’s lungs and can lay dormant for weeks or months before symptoms start. Anyone who lives in or travels to an […]