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California could restrict who can install energy storage

On August 6, the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) will hold a vote which could have serious consequences for the largest residential energy storage market in the nation. In specific, CSLB is considering restricting the ability of solar installers who hold a C-46 solar installation license, but not a C-10 electrical license, to install batteries. California Solar and […]

Xcel dismantles Boulder’s attempt at a city utility

As first said by Senator William Marcy nearly 200 years ago: “to the victor belong the spoils,” and today the proverb rings true again as Xcel Energy or, more specifically, its subsidiary, Public Service Company of Colorado, claims the spoil of serving the city of Boulder, Colorado unobstructed. This news comes with the passing of […]

The Solar Bill of Rights has been gutted

When looking at the current version of the Solar Bill of Rights (SB 288) on the website of the California Assembly, one thing is obvious: a lot of red lines through whole sections of the text. The following parts of the legislation have been removed: Explicit protection for PV system owners from discriminatory fees Removal […]

SMUD withdraws anti-solar Grid Access Charge

One constant in the solar industry is attempts by utilities to either kill rooftop solar outright or at least claw back revenue from their customers who adopt solar. And from our work in covering this subject, we’ve seen it apply to publicly owned utilities as well as those owned by investors. And while utilities are […]

Report shows LADWP’s lag in solar deployment

It’s hardly a secret that California dominates solar deployment. Not only was the state a pioneer in solar policy and put some of the nation’s first large-scale solar plants online starting in the late 1980s, but it has kept relatively steady policy support while other states have gone back and forth on their commitments. This […]

California Solar Sets Record, But That’s Not The Big News

On Saturday, March 16, California set a new solar energy record. Just before 3 o’clock in the afternoon, solar output peaked at 10,765 megawatts, the highest amount ever, though just a smidgen more than the previous record set last June. According to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), demand at that time, not including behind-the-meter solar, […]