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Renewed PG&E Safety Investigation Initiated in first of two CPUC forums

On Monday April 15 the first of at least two public forums was held to “explore whether changes to [PG&E’s] corporate governance, management, structure, and ownership are needed to ensure the safe provision of electric and gas service to Northern Californians.” This is juxtaposed against the statement in the governor’s Strike Force report “Wildfires and […]

CPX Regulatory Update April 18, 2019

Updates for Thursday, April 18, 2019 Below is a numbered list of the regulatory proceedings we are tracking. An update summary for each of the proceedings, if any, follows. Regulatory Proceedings we are monitoring: PG&E Safety Culture Investigation I. 15-08-019 (In this case, Center for Climate Protection is a Party to the Proceeding). Read our Opening Comments HERE. […]

CPX Legislative Update – April 18, 2019

Every other week during each legislative season we endeavor to post a summary of the status of selected bills with our position noted if any. Occasionally there will also be calls to action in these posts and on our legislative page urging support, opposition, or amendments. Bills we are supporting: SB 288 (Wiener) “Solar Bill […]

Community Choice Energy Regulatory Issues Update

Several Proceedings are underway that have a bearing on Community Choice Energy, here are some highlights for the month of April. Red Flag: Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) (Proceeding # R.16-02-007) On March 18 a Proposed Decision (PD) adopting a Preferred System Plan (PSP) and proposing a Statewide Renewables Procurement Track was issued. This PD includes […]

Bills we are watching in the California Legislature

The California legislature has begun the process of evaluating bills in the policy committees and we are monitoring over a dozen that relate directly or indirectly to Community Choice Energy. Earlier in the session, the two committees that are key to energy-related bills held informational hearings on the state of the electricity sector in California, […]

Taking a spin on an electric tractor…

With a view of the future? This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the ranch of Steve Heckeroth, architect, legendary clean energy pioneer, inventor, former contributing editor for Mother Earth News, and in this instance, creator of the Solectrac electric drive tractor. Steve’s ranch, and e-tractor manufacturing operation, is located along the Mendocino […]

Fresno City Council Holds Its First Workshop on Community Choice Energy

The Fresno City Council held its first public workshop on Community Choice Energy on Thursday, February 14th. Councilmember Luis Chavez sponsored the presentation and welcomed the presentation team, stating that he brought it forward in order to evaluate the how it might benefit the city and see if it would work for Fresno. Information sessions […]

Fresno Community Workshop a Success

Call for a Fresno evaluation of Community Choice Energy loud and strong A diverse group of Fresno community leaders, residents, businesspeople, and representatives from various organizations and institutions gathered for a workshop on November 13th to learn about Community Choice Energy, share information, and ask questions. The event, co-hosted by the Center for Climate Protection […]