Board of Supervisors to consider developing “electric vehicle roadmap” Wednesday

County supervisors on Wednesday will decide whether to develop a plan for an “electric vehicle roadmap” for the region, to look at ways to increase ownership and charging infrastructure of electric vehicles.

The proposal also calls for county staff to explore opportunities for grants and to advocate for state legislation and regulatory changes that would improve the affordability and availability of electric vehicles.

If approved at Wednesday’s meeting, county staff would be expected to send a plan to the board by August.

“We have a massive challenge in building a more sustainable transportation system,” said Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, who introduced the proposal. “It is my hope that San Diego County can be a leader in driving to a more sustainable future and build the types of transportation networks we want our children and grandchildren to have.”


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Board of Supervisors to consider developing “electric vehicle roadmap” Wednesday, by Charles T. Clark, San Diego Union-Tribune, April 8, 2019.

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