CalCCA Action Alert: CalCCA tells state legislators Community Choice Aggregators Are “Growing Force” for Reliability and Affordability

CalCCA Action Alert: CalCCA tells state legislators: Community Choice Aggregators Are “Growing Force” for Reliability and Affordability in Uncertain Energy Market 

California’s community choice aggregators (CCAs) are helping to stabilize today’s uncertain energy market — and public, locally-controlled energy providers have an even bigger role to play in the state’s energy future.

CalCCA Executive Director Beth Vaughan delivered that strong message in two legislative hearings this week on PG&E restructuring and the future of California’s energy market.

In testimony before the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee and the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee, Beth shared examples of CCAs all over the state leading with innovative approaches to prioritize reliability and affordability — and facilitating the transition to a greener, safer, more accountable utility system. 

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that the traditional, vertically-integrated, bundled utility model is not the future,” Beth said in testimony to the Assembly Utilities and Energy Commission. “For millions of Californians, that model has already shifted to an alternative — Community Choice Aggregation.”

With regulators and ratepayers worried about what utility restructuring could mean, Beth made a compelling case for CCAs’ creditworthiness, resource adequacy, and commitment to developing a shared vision of the energy sector. She highlighted that CCAs are now the main drivers of new renewables construction in California, fueling job creation and economic development throughout the state.

CalCCA is proud to work together with partners like you to protect reliable and affordable service for ratepayers while accelerating progress toward the state’s climate goals. Here are a few ways you can share Beth’s hopeful vision for the future:

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And remember to include Beth’s remarks! You can find them here:

  • Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee Hearing (March 5): Click here to watch Beth’s response to questions about the PG&E bankruptcy (remarks start at 2:44:58).
  • Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee Hearing (March 6): Click here to watch Beth’s comments on the future of energy (remarks start at 1:42:50).

Thank you for your ongoing support of CCA in California!


About CalCCA
Launched in 2016, the California Community Choice Association (CalCCA) represents California’s community choice electricity providers before the state Legislature and at regulatory agencies, advocating for a level playing field and opposing policies that unfairly discriminate against CCAs and their customers. There are currently 19 operational CCA programs in California serving approximately 10 million customers.

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