California Public Utilities Commission Seeks Student Intern

The California Public Utilities Commission has announced a student internship position that focuses on renewable energy efforts in the San Joaquin Valley.

Assembly Bill (AB) 2672 requires the Commission to explore the economic feasibility of various options to bring affordable energy options to residents of disadvantaged communities in the San Joaquin Valley, many of whom lack access to natural gas and who are reliant on propane and wood for cooking and heating. This unique effort lies at the intersection of environmental justice, clean energy, electrification, energy efficiency, and distributed generation, and offers an opportunity to directly and positively impact the lives of Californians who are disproportionately impacted by poverty and pollution. Currently, the CPUC is evaluating options for pilot projects that would extend the benefits of cleaner, more affordable energy to San Joaquin Valley communities, as well as designing a data gathering strategy. These pilot projects and data gathering efforts will directly inform Commission decisions on the best ways to provide assistance to a broader array of communities.

Under the supervision of a Senior Analyst, a student will assist the CPUC in its ongoing work to increase access to affordable, clean energy in disadvantaged communities the San Joaquin Valley. Specific tasks may include:

  • Collaborating with utilities, researchers, non-profits and other stakeholders to design pilot projects that explore novel ways of expanding access to affordable, clean energy in disadvantaged communities
  • Creating data gathering plans and analyzing community and household-level data to assess community energy conditions, needs, and expected benefits of program participation
  • Assessing cost effectiveness and economic impacts of programs on non-participating utility customers
  • Organizing workshops and community meetings
  • Developing website content to share information with the public
  • TrackingCPUCproceedings and assisting staff with analysis of other customer generation projects and policies as time allows, including Net Energy Metering and Community Solar
  • Assistants will also have the opportunity to participate inCPUClearning activities and will be exposed to a broad range of cutting-edge energy policy issues
  • Assistants may have the opportunity to travel to communities in the San Joaquin Valley for workshops and tours.

For more information and application details, please click this link.

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