City of San Diego One Step Closer to Energy Freedom: Independent Study Confirms Community Choice Energy Beneficial for San Diego Families & Businesses

Program Proven in Cities throughout California will Reach 100% Clean Energy Goal, Lower Costs & Offer Consumers Choice

SAN DIEGO, July 13, 2017—Today, the City of San Diego released the results of its widely anticipated Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Feasibility Study at the Sustainable Energy Advisory Board meeting. The independent and peer-reviewed study proves the City stands to benefit from the economic and environmental benefits of CCA, a tried and true program throughout California used to accelerate the transition to clean energy while lowering energy rates for families and businesses.

“We are thrilled the independent study confirms what we already knew – San Diego only stands to gain from Community Choice Energy – the fastest, most equitable, and cost-efficient path to 100 percent clean energy” said Nicole Capretz, the Executive Director of Climate Action Campaign. “Community Choice gives us the freedom to control our energy destiny–it’s the American way. Powering our lifestyle with clean energy gives us the freedom to enjoy clean air, create new jobs, grow our economy and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Community Choice Energy is a partnership between local governments and utilities, which allows cities to purchase electricity for their constituents while the utility continues to deliver the power. The City of San Diego conducted a CCA Feasibility Study to determine how a CCA program could help achieve the 100% clean energy goal in its legally-binding Climate Action Plan passed in late 2015. The results of the study reveal that CCA has the potential to provide clean air, clean energy, clean jobs and reduced electricity costs to families and businesses. The study shows that a CCA program in San Diego can:

  • Provide lower rates for San Diego families and businesses with a higher renewable energy content
  • Generate revenue, within five years, that will be reinvested into the community for such programs incentivizing rooftop solar, storage, and electric vehicles
  • Take the profit out of a fundamental public need, ensuring affordable energy with stable and transparent rates for all
  • Set the stage for building local clean energy in our backyard – creating local jobs and growing our economy

Daniel Sullivan, the founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power, set out to lead the solar energy revolution over 13 years ago. He is eager to see the Community Choice program begin: “With Community Choice, we have the ability to revolutionize our grid, to have the freedom of choice and to take control of a 100 percent clean energy future. We have the cost-effective technology, and I am excited about the opportunity to have new local agencies set rates and design programs to promote rooftop solar, energy storage and electric vehicles to move us away from fossil fuels.”

Should San Diego move forward with Community Choice Energy, it would be the largest city in the state to embrace CCA.

California has 8 operational Community Choice programs in place: Marin Clean Energy, Sonoma Clean Power, Lancaster Choice Energy, CleanPowerSF, Peninsula Clean Energy, Silicon Valley Clean Energy, Apple Valley Choice Energy, and Redwood Coast Energy Authority. The City of San Jose, the City of Pico Rivera and the Counties of Los Angeles, Alameda, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz are set to begin operations in 2017 and 2018.


Other community and business leaders are ready to move forward with community choice energy. Here’s what they have to say:

“In addition to offering families options and cost control that doesn’t exist today, community choice energy provides the most cost-effective and efficient way to reach our commitment to 100% clean energy in San Diego. CCE will harness our region’s strengths as an innovation hub, and create energy competition in the marketplace which is good for both jobs and consumers. I’m pleased that the study confirms community choice is feasible and viable for our city, and I encourage all of you to raise your voice for community choice energy by calling on the Mayor and my colleagues to join me in moving forward with this program as soon as possible,” Councilmember Barbara Bry, District 1, City of San Diego.

“In light of all that has occurred to date, clearly, Community Choice is really our only choice,” Ruben Arizmendi, Chair, Steering Committee, Sierra Club San Diego.

“As business owners, we understand that competition breeds innovation and efficiency. It makes everyone try harder to be better. That’s what we’d love to see from our energy providers,” Mikey Knab, founding chair of Main Street Alliance San Diego and Director of Operations at Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant.

“It’s time San Diegans had a choice — a real choice — about where their electricity comes from. It’s time for our communities to reap the benefits that Community Choice will offer,” Joyce Lane, Chair, Public Policy Team, SanDiego350.


City of San Diego One Step Closer to Energy Freedom, by Alicia Race, Climate Action Campaign, July 13, 2017.

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