Clean energy notices sent out

Notices are being sent out to a portion of the 297,000 potential, new Peninsula Clean Energy customers. These notices will inform the current PG&E customers of the benefits of the changes coming to their electricity service, and an option for them to opt-out of the new service if they choose.

“The initial enrollment of local customers in October will include approximately 20 percent of San Mateo County residents throughout the county as well as all small- to medium-sized businesses, according to Pine’s office.

PCE is a joint effort by the county and 20 cities that will purchase power on its customers behalf that will be either 50 percent renewable or 100 percent renewable.

Customers will automatically be enrolled in ECOplus, which includes a minimum 50 percent renewable energy at a rate that is approximately 5 percent cheaper than PG&E’s rates, according to Pine’s office.”

Clean Energy Notices Sent Out, by Journal Staff, The Daily Journal, July 21, 2016.

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