Clean Power goals

don green2 In response to the recent announcements from Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) on their plans for the future, Don Green wrote a letter to the editor of the Press Democrat to remind us of SCP’s goals. Don asks that we do not focus solely on price competition with PG&E, but for Sonoma County to take advantage of the opportunity to be a model for other communities by accelerating technology and the clean energy economy.

“Sonoma Clean Power’s goals include the primary goal of reducing greenhouse gas but also stimulating the local economy, and creating energy autonomy. Investment in local programs is necessary to meet these goals. And these investments are good for all customers. They will provide new grid services, increase the resilience of our local distribution system and create jobs. We will not get all of these benefits by just handing back a small percentage of savings to customers.Because of its size and public/private structure, Sonoma Clean Power can be nimble and innovative in ways large utilities cannot. As it adapts and makes prudent investments, it can offer customers greater amounts of local energy and other benefits, and so increase its competitive advantage over PG&E.”

Clean Power goals, by Don Green, The Press Democrat, May 19, 2016.

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