Close to Home: Sonoma Clean Power’s invitation to Mendocino County

Sonoma Clean Power invites Mendocino County and its incorporated cities of Fort Bragg, Point Arena, and Willits to its program.

“Sonoma Clean Power is not the only option being considered by Mendocino County. The Board of Supervisors is looking at possibly forming its own joint power authority and its own Sonoma Clean Power-like agency. A joint powers authority runs the local “energy” agency on behalf of multiple jurisdictions.

There are several reasons to consider this approach including the ability of the joint powers authority to leverage financing for new programs and projects as well as the establishment of a legal firewall between the budget and assets of the community choice aggregation agency and the general funds of its member cities and towns.

Another option is for the county to form its own joint powers authority but to outsource the operation of our local “energy” agency to a management group or even to Sonoma Clean Power. The drawback of this and the previous option is that it would cost the county about $1.5 million to start its own authority.”

Close to Home: Sonoma Clean Power’s Invitation to Mendocino County, by Joel Chaban, The Press Democrat, July 22, 2016.

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