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2019 Community Choice Energy Symposium: Center for Climate Protection Launches New Initiative

By Barry Vesser In the end of June, 325 Community Choice operators and advocates, clean energy businesses and elected officials from around the state converged on the Business of Local Energy Symposium hosted by the Center for Climate Protection (CCP) and our partners in Irvine in Southern California to discuss best practices and what leadership […]

Get Rebates by Plugging into Electrify Marin

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by swapping out gas and propane appliances One of the County of Marin’s newest efforts in addressing climate change focuses on a source of greenhouse gas emis­sions that has largely been ig­nored: our home appliances. About one-third of greenhouse gases produced in Marin comes from buildings, mostly the re­sult of burning […]

The War on Coal in California Is Over—It Lost

In a series of demagogic tweets, President Donald Trump recently attacked Obama-era “clean power plan” policies as a “war on coal” and danger to U.S. energy independence. If there is a war on coal—as the president thinks—it’s long been decided in California and most of the West. In 2008, coal comprised 18.2% of California’s electricity […]

Lawsuit filed to stop California’s new wildfire liability law

Just one week after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a sweeping piece of legislation designed to change the way California’s utilities pay for damages resulting from wildfires ignited by their own equipment, a lawsuit was filed in federal court Friday looking to stop it in its tracks. San Diego attorneys Michael Aguirre and Maria Severson filed […]

Taking Charge of Your Energy Use: A Hero’s Journey

When MBCP launched its Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentive Program it was no surprise that Thomas was the first resident to turn in his application. With a work commute to San Jose State University and California State University Monterey Bay, this Salinas local was ready to replace his older Nissan Leaf with a higher range EV at […]

California’s new Public Utilities Commission president must lead us to a gas-free future

Everywhere you turn in California, clean energy technologies are winning out over gas. From Oxnard to Los Angeles and Glendale, to the Inland Empire and Bay Area, proposed and existing gas-fired plants are being scrapped in favor of cleaner options. Clean energy is winning because it’s a safer and more affordable option. This is critical […]

How batteries can reduce CCAs GHG emissions

In our previous TerraBlog post, How CCAs can model and deploy DERs, we shared the process and results for modeling battery storage systems for CCA customers with existing solar systems under the NEM tariff. Part of this process included studying the impact of batteries on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of a CCA. In this blog post […]

Sunrun Wins Another Capacity Contract for Aggregated Home Storage

A network of residential energy systems will help Oakland, California wean itself off fossil-fueled peakers. East Bay Community Energy, which buys power for Alameda County in Northern California, approved a contract Wednesday night to pay Sunrun for 500 kilowatts of capacity from residential solar-plus-storage. The 10-year contract, which goes into effect in 2022, marks a […]

California replacing 200 polluting diesel school buses with all-electric buses

The California Energy Commission has awarded nearly $70 million to state schools to replace more than 200 diesel school buses with new, all-electric school buses. The commission approved the funding this week. A total of $89.8 million has now been earmarked for new electric buses at schools in 26 California counties, as the commission’s School Bus […]

Why Community Choice Energy is a win for San Diego families

Electricity in San Diego is about to become more clean, affordable and community-driven as cities across our region get ready to launch Community Choice Energy (CCE) to supply our energy needs. After years of study and careful deliberation, along with extensive public outreach, cities are in the process of taking back control of our energy […]