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Warren Buffett’s Dicey Power Play

Two casino-resorts in Las Vegas -who collectively make up more than 5 percent of energy sales in NV Energy’s southern Nevada territory- are leaving the investor-owned utility (IOU). They are leaving to purchase energy from renewable providers who offer cleaner energy at lower rates than their IOU. What is interesting about this situation is that it […]

Climate Change Is Not Just A Concern For Environmentalists

“One major social concern of climate change is the ability to adapt to a changing world. Highly developed nations have resources to be able to make appropriate lifestyle changes to cushion the effects of climate change on their people. Developing nations, however, have hardly enough resources to survive as Earth’s climate is currently. It is […]

Timeline for Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority Announced

by Bruce Karney, President of the Board, Carbon Free Mountain View Key outcomes from the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority (SVCEA) Board Meeting on June 8, 2016: 1) Rollout of SVCE’s service will take place at a fast pace in three phases.  Phase 1 will happen in April 2017, Phase 2 in July 2017 and Phase […]

Bill to overhaul CPUC passes Assembly

After passing the state Assembly on June 2, 2016, with a vote of 61-9, a bill to strip the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) moved before the state Senate. If the bill passes there, it will be on the ballot in November for voters in the General Election. “If passed by the Senate and approved […]

Del Mar Climate Action Plan Passage Could Influence Other Cities

The City of Del Mar considers adopting a Climate Action Plan to outline their efforts to cut their carbon emissions in half, and reach a goal of using 100 percent clean energy. “Del Mar specifies in its plan that one option to fulfill its goals would be to join a Community Choice Energy plan (also called […]

Monterey Bay will be the largest CCE, geographically, in California

by Daniel Paul Nelson, Romero Institute On May 27th, the Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) initiative presented results from its recently completed technical study to elected officials and members of the public at the Monterey County Board of Chambers. MBCP initiative comprises two bodies investigating and promoting the possibility of Community Choice Energy (CCE) in Monterey, […]

Clean energy coming, but cheaper rates?

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) customers of Marin Clean Energy (MCE) typically pay lower rates and receive higher rates of renewable energy than they would get from their investor owned utility, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). However, new MCE customers in American Canyon are questioning whether or not their rates will be lower than rates they […]

Ener-Core Receives Purchase Order to Install Four EC-250 EcoStations at Toyon Canyon Landfill in Los Angeles

“Closed Landfill in Griffith Park to Generate 1 MW of Clean Power for 10 to 15 Years Using Ener-Core EcoStations.” Ener-Core Receives Purchase Order to Install Four EC-250 EcoStations at Toyon Canyon Landfill in Los Angeles, Business Wire, May 19, 2016.

Getting Paid To Soak Up California Solar

California is producing so much solar energy it has to pay neighboring states like Arizona to take the surplus power. The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) is working on solutions to expand potential markets for this excess, but sees the problem getting worse as we add more renewables to the grid. “’The market is actually […]

Southern California Edison plugging into electric-vehicle charging market

Southern California Edison (SCE) is investing big in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. SCE has launched a pilot program to install 1,500 charging stations at workplaces and apartment complexes and has plans to expand this program in the future. “If all goes well, Edison hopes to expand the program by adding 30,000 charging stations at a total […]