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La Mesa hikes effort on local climate plan

As La Mesa, California considers elements for their forthcoming Climate Action Plan, Community Choice Aggregation is seen as a “key strategy” for climate protection and lowering fossil fuel emissions. “The city’s website notes that measures being considered include spelling out requirements for energy use reduction, clean vehicle replacement programs and specifying green building standards for […]

Lancaster Choice Energy’s Smart Choice Option Certified by Center for Resource Solutions’ Green-e Energy Program

Lancaster Choice Energy’s Smart Choice Option Certified by Center for Resource Solutions’ Green-e Energy Program SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 21, 2016)—Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) announced today that Lancaster Choice Energy (LCE)’s Smart Choice renewable power option is now certified by  Green-e Energy—North America’s leading independent certification program for renewable energy. LCE’s Smart Choice program, […]

Interview – Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor, and Chair, Peninsula Clean Energy

Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), San Mateo County’s Community Choice Energy program, is slated to launch in October of this year. Assuming that it meets this schedule, PCE will have gone from inception to serving customers in less than two years, faster than California’s existing four operational CCEs. In addition to its speedy launch, PCE has […]

City Launches Clean Power Program

CleanPowerSF has launched as of May, 2016 and customers are already seeing the benefits of cheaper utility bills and cleaner sources of power. This article covers how the organization was started, the challenges it faced, and the history of Community Choice in California. “CleanPowerSF was authorized in 2002 under California Assembly Bill (AB) 117, which enables […]

MCE Solar Customers Earn $1 Million+ for Excess Energy Production in 2015-16

MCE recently completed its fifth annual cash out process for rooftop solar customers, offering $1,028,452 in check payments to buy the excess solar generated electricity from approximately 3,000 customers. “It’s gratifying to see so many customers receive checks through MCE’s net energy metering program,” said Dawn Weisz, CEO of MCE. “Of the $1 million MCE […]

Per Capita Davis: ‘Floatovoltaics’ are catching on

For those who find solar panels to be an eyesore, there are alternatives for rooftop or ground mount. This article covers “floatovoltaics” and how they are being used in Sonoma County, and around the world. “Close to home, the residents of Sonoma County have formed a Community Choice Energy program similar to what the city […]

San Joaquin County – Hub of Electric Vehicle Innovation

Named after the lengthy river that runs through it, San Joaquin County was the Valley’s first location where settlers took up permanent residence. With a readily accessible water source, it’s easy to see why it was originally developed for agriculture and ranching. I was born and raised in Tracy (about 30 miles from the County […]

Benicia eco company offers to pay residents for going solar

“Lots of people want to do their part in helping the environment, and one way to do it is by installing solar panels to cut back on the use of electricity. Unfortunately, the cost of these panels can be pretty exorbitant. Not everyone is willing to pay $73 a month for 730 kilowatt hours in […]

California’s RPS Generating Thousands of Clean Energy Blue-Collar Jobs

“California’s aggressive climate policies — combined with the sheer size of its economy — have helped it create the most clean energy jobs of any state in the country, according to a new study by the UC Berkeley Labor Center. The report, The Link Between Good Jobs and a Low Carbon Future, says the Renewables […]


“The Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority (SVCE), a partnership of 12 local governments, will bring its residents and businesses 100% carbon free electricity at lower costs when it begins operation in 2017. On July 13th, SVCE’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the plan. ‘Offering 100% carbon free electricity at lower rates is a game-changer, fulfilling […]