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Southern California Edison plugging into electric-vehicle charging market

Southern California Edison (SCE) is investing big in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. SCE has launched a pilot program to install 1,500 charging stations at workplaces and apartment complexes and has plans to expand this program in the future. “If all goes well, Edison hopes to expand the program by adding 30,000 charging stations at a total […]

City moves closer to increasing use of renewable energy

The city of Solana Beach, CA is in the early stages of creating a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program to provide a clean power alternative to San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). Residents and business owners of Solana Beach, and possibly neighboring communities, could enjoy lower energy rates and choose between varying tiers of renewable […]

Wednesday: Portola Valley may go with 100% renewable sources for electricity

Portola Valley will be joining Peninsula Clean Energy, but they would like to opt-in for the 100% renewable power by default. Customers wanting to participate in PCE’s other programs, or to receive their power from PG&E, will have to opt-out of the program. “Portola Valley’s Town Council is set to consider on May 25 a venture that […]

Some Say Alameda County’s New Green Energy Plan Isn’t Green Enough

http://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/some-say-alameda-countys-new-green-energy-plan-isnt-green-enough/Content?oid=4791391 Alameda County is on the brink of creating its own electricity system, which will provide greener energy at lower prices than PG&E. But some community and environmental activists argue that the current strategy for a community choice energy system, or CCE, fails to adequately prioritize local energy generation — and the well-paying jobs that […]

Mendota, San Joaquin enter HERO PACE program

The cities of Mendota and San Joaquin in Fresno County will now offer HERO PACE to residents. This program makes it easier for homeowners to install solar and make other energy efficient home improvements by allowing them to finance their projects through HERO. “To date the program has financed $39.1 million in projects for 1,895 […]

Study: Monterey Bay Community Power feasible, solar development may take time

Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) is starting to gain momentum and could launch by October of this year. “A committee of 14 representatives from the three counties produced a feasibility study concluding a joint powers agency could serve 285,000 customers — 86 percent residential, 12 percent commercial, 2 percent ag — at a cost comparable […]

A Billion Watts for the South Coast

Santa Barbara will hit one gigawatts of installed solar infrastructure within the next few months. The question now is how can they get more renewable energy on the grid? Santa Barbara County Energy Choice (CEC) is trying to set up a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program that will focus on locally produced, renewable energy. “We are now […]

Lancaster Receives Net Zero Grant

Lancaster Choice Energy received a $1.5 million grant from the California Energy Commission to become a net zero energy city and plans to apply for another $8 million grant to expand into phase 2 of their program in the future. Mayor Rex Parris and his city have been working towards this goal for a couple of […]

Air Quality Solutions Include Community Electricity

The World Health Organization Report of 2015 statistics recently announced that the San Joaquin Valley has the worst air quality in the nation and also has the highest childhood asthma rates. Year after year in authoritative reports the San Joaquin Valley is named the dirtiest air basin in the nation. The pervasiveness of the trend […]

Air Quality Lawsuit Adds to Oil Refinery’s Woes

An idle refinery in Bakersfield is stirring up trouble as residents fight to keep in inactive. The refinery has been issued a permit to restart and expand operations. However, due to a downturn in the economy and the price of oil, restarting operations may not be feasible. Residents and clean air proponents are fighting to […]