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If towering wind turbines come to Central Coast ocean waters, how visible would they be?

San Luis Obispo County could one day see large collections of behemoth floating turbines spinning off its shores as the federal government explores the ocean’s potential as a source of wind energy generation. The idea of possibly hundreds of turbines as tall as 700 feet has attracted interest from several companies, while the U.S. Navy […]

Guadalupe votes to join Monterey Bay community power program

To provide residents with options for lower-cost electricity from carbon-free sources, the Guadalupe City Council on Tuesday narrowly approved a resolution to join Monterey Bay Community Power Authority‘s community choice energy program. Community choice energy programs are an alternative to the investor-owned utility that allow local governments to purchase power on behalf of residents and businesses […]

Taking Charge of Your Energy Use: A Hero’s Journey

When MBCP launched its Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentive Program it was no surprise that Thomas was the first resident to turn in his application. With a work commute to San Jose State University and California State University Monterey Bay, this Salinas local was ready to replace his older Nissan Leaf with a higher range EV at […]

Santa Barbara County Considering CCA

The board began considering developing or joining a Community Choice Energy program back in 2015, when the staff was directed to gauge regional support for joining a program. Community Choice Energy allows members to decide where and how their electricity is generated, including building their own generating facilities. Power is transmitted through the lines of […]

Talks with MBCP on hold

ATASCADERO — The Atascadero City Council will not be making time at their Aug.13 meeting to hear again from the Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP), a timetable set by the alternative energy provider for the City to join all other San Luis Obispo County municipalities in enrollment. The decision was taken at the end of the […]

Atascadero, SLO County won’t join Monterey Bay Community Power

Atascadero and unincorporated San Luis Obispo County residents will not have Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) as a choice for electricity in 2021—a decision that breaks away from the recent votes of six other local cities. On July 9, a divided Atascadero City Council opted not to agendize a decision to join MBCP, a public community […]

Guadalupe tables decision on community choice energy

The Guadalupe City Council opted Tuesday to wait for more information before making a decision about whether to join Monterey Bay Community Power Authority‘s community choice energy program. Community choice energy programs, which are government run, are an alternative to the investor-owned utility that allows local governments to purchase power on behalf of residents and businesses […]

With Calif. cap-and-trade funds, a city plagued by pollution plans swift transformation

A tool that helped direct $66.5 million to Fresno could provide a template for other states seeking to counteract the effects of pollution in vulnerable communities. As proponents of the Green New Deal seek to create jobs and protect vulnerable communities while fighting climate change, California has had a statewide program to accomplish those goals […]

Atascadero, SLO County on the fence about community choice energy

As cities throughout San Luis Obispo County take steps to join Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP), two local jurisdictions remain undecided. Following a presentation by MBCP Communications Director J.R. Killigrew on June 25, the Atascadero City Council opted not to put a decision to join the community choice energy (CCE) agency on a future agenda. […]

Checkmate? House blocks money to drill for oil off California coast

When President Trump boldly announced that he was going to expand oil drilling off coastlines across the United States, including California’s, he drew cheers from the oil industry and dread from environmentalists and coastal tourism leaders. Two years later, his plans for new drilling are hitting a potentially fatal setback: Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats […]