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Hundreds of new oil wells could soon triple Santa Barbara County production

Environmental groups and local residents are sounding alarms that proposed drilling projects would triple onshore oil production in Santa Barbara County — to which the oil industry says, “What’s wrong with that?” Three companies propose to add hundreds of new wells and associated pipelines to extract thick crude using thermally enhanced recovery — an energy-intensive […]

Montecito Fire Protection District Board unanimously votes to proceed with Community Microgrid efforts

NEWS RELEASE: Montecito Fire Protection District Board unanimously votes to proceed with Community Microgrid efforts Clean Coalition and World Business Academy applaud this milestone as a significant step in the Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative, which will provide the area with renewables-driven resilience and emergency preparedness Santa Barbara, CA — The Clean Coalition and the World […]

Monterey Bay Community Power celebrates its one-year anniversary and looks to the future.

When we flip a switch or plug in our phones, we don’t usually think about how or where that power comes from. From customer to source, our power structure pre-dates thoughtful consumption: The first electricity grid was built 100 miles north in San Francisco in 1879, 15 years before the radio was invented. California still […]

If you want a gas stove at home, it could cost you extra under new SLO proposal

The San Luis Obispo City Council wants to discourage the use of gas appliances in favor of electric in new housing to help push along its ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2035. Meaning, if you want a gas oven in your new home, it’ll cost you (if all goes as planned). City staff doesn’t […]

As PG&E begins bankruptcy proceedings, Monterey Bay Community Power gauges uncertainty.

Last July, you might’ve noticed a change on your monthly bill from Pacific Gas & Electric. Or maybe not. But unless you opted out, residents of Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties were automatically enrolled as customers of Monterey Bay Community Power, a new community choice aggregation model, or CCA, that buys electricity from […]

Electric Cars Cost Less Than You’d Think

Electric Drive 805, a new coalition between Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties, wants all car drivers to know about the financial feasibility and benefits of purchasing electric vehicles. The coalition is also encouraging more locations to install charging stations, such as at housing complexes, workplaces, and community centers. According to Danny McQuillan, a […]

Carrizo Plains solar farm’s credit rating drops to ‘junk’ as PG&E bankruptcy looms

Representatives for the massive Topaz Solar Farm in the Carrizo Plains are keeping an eye on PG&E, now that the farm’s only source of revenue seems poised to declare bankruptcy. The 550-megawatt photovoltaic solar farm in eastern San Luis Obispo County relies on the cash-strapped public utility. By contract, PG&E purchases 100 percent of the […]

How will PG&E’s bankruptcy impact SLO County? Your questions answered

Now that it looks certain PG&E will declare bankruptcy, you might be wondering what that means for San Luis Obispo County. After all, the utility is the biggest private local employer, and operates Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, which is currently in the early stages of an intensive, decades-long shutdown. So here are the answers […]

Views wanted on plan for offshore wind farms along San Luis Obispo County’s coast

A federal agency is currently taking public comment on plans to lease areas off California’s coast to wind energy development. Proposed for areas of the ocean roughly 20 miles offshore, the wind farms would consist of dozens of connected floating turbines generating electricity, conveyed to shore—and the energy grid—via a seafloor cable. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management—also known […]

Community choice energy grows on Central Coast

In 2005, California passed a law allowing local governments to pool the electricity demand of their residents and then buy and sell electricity on their behalf. It’s called Community Choice Energy, and over 19 cities and counties have now established community choice agencies or programs. Rather than Pacific, Gas & Electric (PG&E) or Southern California Edison being in charge […]