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Solar Project at Joshua Tree Airport Put on Hold

JOSHUA TREE — The NextEra corporation is stopping, at least for now, construction of the solar farm planned in the old Roy Williams airport, a company official confirmed this week. “We are not proceeding with immediate construction of the project,” Steven Stengel, a representative of NextEra, said. Joshua Basin Water District General Manager Curt Sauer […]

Lovingood Offers New Plan for Economic Growth including Hotel Bed Tax Initiative

San Bernardino County First District Supervisor and Board Chairman Robert Lovingood has a plan for “proven economic growth” in his county. Supervisor Lovingood’s plan includes Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), and he sees it as a way to create jobs. Neighboring Riverside County is evaluating its own CCA and Apple Valley is set to launch soon – the Inland Empire […]

UC Riverside Is Building a Greenhouse That Will Produce Food and Solar Power

UC Riverside is building a greenhouse with a translucent roof that generates solar power while allowing sunlight to pass through to plants below. The greenhouse will serve as a laboratory to probe the solar energy production, plant growth and costs of growing food in such systems, said Jeff Kaplan, a UCR associate vice chancellor. “We […]

Our View: The Choice seems clear in Apple Valley

The Town of Apple Valley held public information meetings last week about its new Choice Energy program, attracting large crowds of interested residents. Though a few seem to see conspiracies and ulterior motives in just about anything the Town Council is involved in, for us this state-approved program seems like a win-win for residents and […]

Apple Valley Choice Energy Information Meeting Draws Full House

APPLE VALLEY — Beginning April 1, town residents will have a simple choice when it comes to electricity, Apple Valley Public Services Manager Joseph Moon told a large crowd on Tuesday afternoon: Save money or don’t. A near-capacity crowd estimated at 300 people turned out at the Apple Valley Conference Center for one of two […]

UPS Announces $18M Solar Energy Expansion

Parcel giant UPS this week announced plans to implement solar energy systems in at least eight additional U.S. facilities by the end of the year. The $18 million initiative will expand the company’s solar capacity by nearly 10 megawatts, a five-fold increase from its current capacity. The expansion will include the purchase of more than 26,000 […]

Rancho Mirage Ditches CVAG Energy Plan, Says More Local Control Needed

The animosity between Rancho Mirage and the Coachella Valley Association of Governments surrounding CV Link has spilled over into an unrelated regional energy plan. CVAG has been working to form a “community choice aggregator,” through which its member cities can ditch Southern California Edison and buy electricity directly from power providers, cutting out the utility. Community choice […]

California Hits 100,000 Solar Jobs as Industry Grows at Record Pace

The American solar industry now employs more than a quarter of a million people, after a breakneck year that saw employment grow by a record 25 percent — and that growth is expected to continue into 2017, as low-cost solar panels nudge coal and natural gas out of the electricity marketplace. California led the country with 100,050 solar jobs […]

A Proven Plan for Growth

CPX Editor’s Note: San Bernardino County District 1 Supervisor Robert A. Lovingood wrote the Victorville Daily Press to lay out the county’s plan for future growth. Supervisor Lovingood mentions Community Choice Aggregation as a way for the county and its residents to save money and create jobs in the process. Please read about the county’s economic […]

Tesla Quietly Brings Online Its Massive – Biggest in the World – 80 MWh Powerpack Station with Southern California Edison

After announcing the project back in September, we have now learned that Tesla and Southern California Edison (SCE) have completed the massive 80 MWh energy storage station using Tesla’s new Powerpack 2 at the Mira Loma substation. There are a few bigger projects in various phases of development, but it looks like this one is the […]