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Riverside County Solar Project Scores $131-Million Deal with Central Valley Farm District

California Gov. Jerry Brown couldn’t get a 100 percent renewable energy mandate across the finish line in Sacramento this month, and the Trump administration is eyeing protectionist trade policies that critics say would drive up the price of solar panels. But despite those headwinds, clean energy is still a hot commodity. Modesto Irrigation District, which provides energy […]

Valley Voice: Palm Springs solar ordinance the right move

This has been a season of unimaginable loss. We have seen multiple epic storms, unprecedented rainfall and floods that devastated major cities and island nations. Warmer waters strengthened storms and warmer air carried more rain over land. A city in near Houston reported 52 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey. The west was on fire […]

Jerry Brown’s Western Grid Plan Is Dead in Sacramento, at Least for Now

Gov. Jerry Brown’s grand plan to bring Wyoming wind power to California and export solar power to neighboring states won’t get a vote in Sacramento before the legislative session ends Friday, following opposition from ratepayer watchdogs, labor unions, the utility industry, community choice advocates and even some environmental groups. Assemblymember Chris Holden, a Pasadena Democrat who chairs the Assembly’s energy […]

Energy Bill Could ‘Squash’ Coachella Valley’s Plans to Ditch SoCal Edison, Critics Say

Coachella Valley governments have been working to give homes and businesses an alternative energy provider to Southern California Edison — but a last-minute bill in Sacramento could bring those efforts to a screeching halt, critics say. Local government agencies have been working to form a community choice aggregator, or CCA, which would allow participating cities to ditch Edison […]

Apple Valley Choice Energy Prompts Thousands of Customer Calls

APPLE VALLEY — The center that supports customers of the town’s new energy program fielded 14,843 calls between February and August as residents sought answers to questions about their electric bills and Apple Valley Choice Energy (AVCE) itself, according to official data. Additionally, 2,005 residents decided against AVCE before an April 1 launch that made […]

LOIS HENRY: Time to Tell the State How You Think PG&E’s Latest Rate Increase Should Be Divvied up — Just Try and Keep It Clean

I love that the California Public Utilities Commission is coming to Bakersfield in August, after the second-hottest July on record, to hold a hearing about how PG&E should spread the pain of its latest rate increase. Summer is the perfect time to ask Bakersfieldians what we think about energy costs. Yes, folks, the PUC will […]

The Net Economic Impacts of California’s Major Climate Programs in the Inland Empire

First comprehensive cost/benefit study of state climate policies in Inland Empire finds $9.1 billion in direct economic benefits and over 41,000 direct jobs over seven years The report focuses on San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, both of which face unique economic and air-quality challenges, and examines the impacts of three programs: 1) cap and trade; […]

Here’s How California Ended up with Too Much Solar Power

California’s power-grid operators are dealing with a glut of daytime electricity produced by household, government, business and industrial solar installations. This forces the electricity prices on state’s real-time marketplace to plummet, leading some power-plant operators to shut down until demand catches up with supply later in the day. And increasing amounts of wind and solar […]

City of Palm Springs First City in the Coachella Valley to Join Community Choice Aggregate

Palm Springs is leading the way in the Coachella Valley when it comes to Community Choice Energy and becoming a more sustainable city. On Wednesday, July 5, the City Council voted to become the first city in the desert to join a new Community Choice Aggregate, (CCA), operated by the Coachella Valley Association of Governments, […]

Negotiations toward a Salton Sea Consensus Are Progressing, Water Agency Says

The Imperial Irrigation District has been using its clout as the agency with the biggest water entitlement along the Colorado River to press for California officials to live up to their commitment that they will keep the Salton Sea from turning into an environmental disaster. During the past year, IID has warned the state that without […]