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A Big Step Forward in Debate Over LA’s Clean Energy Future

Mayor Eric Garcetti reaffirmed Los Angeles’ commitment to securing a carbon- and pollution-free energy future for Angelenos in a groundbreaking announcement today that the nation’s largest municipal utility will not be moving forward with a controversial plan to rebuild three of its natural gas plants. The announcement related to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power […]

How will L.A. replace three gas plants that Mayor Eric Garcetti plans to shut down?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti thrilled environmentalists and public health advocates with his announcement that the Department of Water and Power won’t spend billions of dollars rebuilding three gas-fired power plants along the coast. But now the hard work starts: figuring out how to replace the three facilities without raising energy prices or increasing the […]

Los Angeles ditches plan to invest billions in fossil fuels, Mayor Eric Garcetti says

Los Angeles is abandoning a plan to spend billions of dollars rebuilding three natural gas power plants along the coast, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday, in a move to get the city closer to its goal of 100% renewable energy and improve air quality in highly polluted communities. The mayor’s decision marks an abrupt change […]

The new kid in town: Southern California Edison’s competitor is up and running

An alternative to Southern California Edison hit the scene this month in a big way. On Feb. 1, roughly 946,000 customers in 29 cities and Los Angeles and Ventura counties became customers of the Clean Power Alliance. Even though many customers might not realize the change in their power producer, the emergence of community choice aggregation is dramatically changing […]

Workshop sheds light on power switchover

Leaders from the City of Moorpark and the Clean Power Alliance (CPA) took time last week to answer residents’ questions about the city’s new electricity provider. “We decided to have this meeting due to some confusion in the community about the CPA rollout, how it works and what it would mean for the residents,” Jessica […]

What you need to know about Clean Power Alliance, SoCal’s newest electric company

Southern California Edison has been the region’s dominant electric utility for more than a century. But for nearly 1 million homes across the Southland, the days of Edison’s monopoly are ending. Clean Power Alliance is becoming the default energy provider this month for residents of 29 cities, as well as unincorporated parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. […]

Alliance will provide clean, competitive energy

Ventura County has become one of the largest communities in the nation to adopt 100 percent clean, renewable energy. With the arrival of the Clean Power Alliance, the county and many of its cities are dramatically reducing emissions in a simple and cost-effective way. Last month, residents received the first of four mailers about the launch […]

Six paths to 100% renewables for Los Angeles

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is evaluating six scenarios for the Los Angeles grid to reach 100% renewable or zero-carbon electricity by 2045 or sooner, and an advisory group is providing input.  The “LA Leads” scenario, for example, would reach 100% zero-carbon electricity (including existing nuclear) by 2035—ten years earlier than state policy under […]

You might be one of the nearly 1 million people automatically enrolled in renewable energy plans Feb. 1

In the ’70s, it was not uncommon to be approached by free-spirited enviros wearing tie-dye shirts and Birkenstocks preaching the benefits of solar energy, getting off the grid and saving the planet. Today, bureaucrats wearing suits working out of shared office space in Pershing Square soon will be offering almost 1 million residential customers in […]

How Los Angeles can use proofs of concept to lead California’s energy revolution

Back in September, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that targets moving all of California’s electricity to clean power sources by 2045. It’s an ambitious goal and one that is definitely within reach if our utilities, power generators and legislators take the right steps to determine the most effective infrastructure updates and mix of energy sources and […]