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Irvine will pursue ‘community choice’ program to buy its own electric power

Flipping on the lights or running the dishwasher could get a little cheaper and a lot greener in Irvine, under a “community choice” energy program city leaders plan to implement. Irvine would still depend on and pay Southern California Edison for the use of its electric transmission system – the poles, wires and substations – […]

Los Angeles still has a feed-in tariff. And it’s growing.

It’s odd to be writing about an active feed-in tariff (FiT) in 2019. The policy which accelerated Germany into a 7 GW+ market annually and kick-started the global solar market had its heyday nearly a decade ago, with feed-in tariffs being introduced across Europe and Asia. This led to spectacular market growth but also dramatic […]

California could face power shortages if these gas plants shut down, officials say

It’s been nearly a decade since California ordered coastal power plants to stop using seawater for cooling, a process that kills fish and other marine life. But now state officials may extend the life of several facilities that still suck billions of gallons from the ocean each day. Staff at the California Public Utilities Commission recommended this […]

CPA Still Violating Troublesome Rate Pledge | Temporarily Lowers Most Rates

The board of the Clean Power Alliance, the new community choice aggregator now serving about a million former Southern California Edison customers in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, on Sept. 5 approved resolutions lowering rates for most of its residential and commercial customers. The adjustments came only three months after CPA approved significant rate increases for […]

City Hall to encourage replacing gas appliances with electric alternatives

City Hall will encourage residents and businesses to replace natural gas appliances with electric heating and cooking equipment as it pursues its goal of reducing carbon emissions to 20% of their 1990 levels by 2030. The City Council discussed Tuesday how to incentivize consumers to forgo appliances powered by natural gas in favor of electric […]

California regulators identify multi-gigawatt energy shortfall

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has issued a decision within which regulators have identified “the potential for electricity system resource adequacy shortages beginning in 2021,” which is a way of using a lot of technical words to say that they’re facing a shortfall of generation on the grid. So, when one decides there isn’t enough energy […]

L.A.‘s Record-Low Solar Project Hits Snag in Union Resistance

Los Angeles made waves this summer by finalizing a 400-megawatt solar project with a record-breaking low price. But the project, developed by 8minute Solar Energy, still needs final approval. That approval failed to materialize in a vote Tuesday, after the municipal utility union expressed concerns about the project, the L.A. Times reported. The L.A. Department of Water and Power Board […]

NFI, Penske to deploy electric trucks in Southern California

NFI’s test case in drayage is a good candidate for electrification, according to Suzanne Greene, the manager of the Sustainable Supply Chains program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). “Drayage is a good option because they know where their chargers are, they know what their route is,” Greene said in an interview with Supply […]

New statewide solar program could save Ventura County’s low-income residents on utilities

Residents of affordable housing units in Ventura County could see savings on their utility bills soon through a new state program that incentivizes solar power on multifamily affordable housing. The Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing program provides up to $100 million a year in financial incentives for installation of solar energy systems on multifamily affordable […]

An LA without gas stations?

Oil derricks and refineries would disappear from the region. Gas stations would become irrelevant. Streetscapes would be dominated by electric vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. That’s the vision laid out in a sustainability plan that will be considered Tuesday by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. If carried out, the list of 159 action items included in […]