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Ventura keeps most electricity accounts with Southern California Edison’s competitor

Driven by a desire to increase renewable power and support the provider they want delivering it, Ventura’s policymakers are keeping the majority of the city’s electricity accounts with the Clean Power Alliance. Several other cities involved in the joint powers authority are moving around accounts or weighing options in response to significant rate increases set by CPA’s board on June 6 […]

Ventura County cities plan return to Southern California Edison for some energy accounts

Cities across Ventura County are moving some energy accounts back to Southern California Edison, the investor-owned utility they left in pursuit of greener power. The change is to avoid paying higher energy rates, which for many agencies amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars more in annual bills were they to remain with Clean Power Alliance. The joint powers authority […]

California Utility Launches New Program To Help EV Buyers Compare Total Cost Of Ownership

Southern California Edison is ramping up its efforts to support electric vehicle buyers with the introduction of a new tool called SCE Cars that helps estimate the total cost of ownership in its jurisdiction. The new tool aspires to give potential buyers visibility into the total cost of ownership (TCO) of electric vehicles that looks beyond the […]

Advocates Push for Clean, City Run Energy Program in San Clemente

Renewable energy advocates are urging South Orange County cities to consider implementing a Community Choice Energy program (CCE) to bring cleaner, more affordable energy to local residents and businesses, while giving cities local purchasing power for electricity. So far, more than 160 cities and 19 counties across California have formed their own CCEs, a nonprofit […]

Clean Power Alliance: Strategic Plan Launches

Clean Power Alliance is launching its Local Programs Strategic Plan process with an inaugural workshop in Downtown Los Angeles. 80-100 community stakeholders across Los Angeles County are expected to come participate in an interactive workshop focused on energy and electrification measures. A second Ventura County based workshop in July and a tri-lingual online survey are also planned. […]

Peninsula Center Library to be powered by 100% clean energy in 2020

The Peninsula Center Library, in Rolling Hills Estates, will be powered by 100% renewable energy in 2020, increasing its reliance on the Clean Power Alliance energy provider. The Palos Verdes Library District announced the decision to increase its current 50% tier in a statement late last month. The special district, which operates the library as […]

Solar energy company says solar, batteries can replace LADWP’s gas power plants

When Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced back in February that LADWP would phase out three natural gas power plants located along the coast over the next decade, customers started asking how the utility company would make up for that lost power. The three power plants represent 38% of the city’s current natural gas portfolio. The residential […]

Ventura: Take the Lead, Going Green with Electric Vehicles

There is a global climate change crisis. No question. And Ventura County is near ground zero in that crisis. Take a look. We’re experiencing the worst of drought, fires, and water shortages. The projections of sea level rise that will impact our coastline are alarming. These local impacts have the fingerprints of climate change all […]

Manhattan Beach will switch to 100 percent clean power for city facilities

All Manhattan Beach city facilities will be powered by 100 percent green energy starting next month. At a council meeting this week, local leaders voted to increase the city’s elected power tier with the Clean Power Alliance from 50 percent to 100 percent renewable energy. “It’s not an understatement to say this would be the […]

How LADWP Uses Two Lakes To Store Energy Like A Giant Battery

If L.A. is going to stop burning fossil fuels by 2045 — a key goal of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s proposed Green New Deal — it must store a lot more of the excess solar and wind energy it produces during the day so it doesn’t have to rely on gas and coal energy to power […]