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RCEA Public Rebate for Electric Vehicles

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority launched a rebate today, funded by RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program, to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles in Humboldt County. The rebate program is the first of its kind in the county and aims to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. […]

Unlocking Northern California’s Offshore Wind Bounty

Wind speeds off the coast of Humboldt County in Northern California are some of the strongest in the U.S. The region’s steady gusts are so powerful, in fact, that the area was one of three potential offshore wind energy development zones in California included by the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in a public pitch […]

California wants a carbon-free economy by 2045: Can floating offshore wind help it get there?

Emerging floating offshore wind technologies could save California electricity customers billions in the next two decades and play a key role in achieving the state’s ambitious climate and renewable energy goals, a new report concludes. But the mechanics of floating wind remain unproven at scale and developers face multiple permitting and financing hurdles. Nevertheless, California […]

Local Enviro Groups Demand Changes to Proposed Terra-Gen Wind Energy Project Slated for Ridges South of Rio Dell

Local environmental leaders want some changes made to a planned wind energy project that calls for dozens of large turbines to be installed atop two mountain ridges south of Rio Dell. Seven local conservation groups signed onto a letter sent today to Humboldt County Planning and Building Director John H. Ford. While the groups voice […]

Humboldt County addressing our climate future with new committee

A new committee will advise the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on climate change and what it will take for the county to address it. The committee takes on after similar efforts that have pushed Mendocino County forward in combating carbon emissions and human-caused damage to the environment. “We want to prioritize climate change issues […]

Feds seek input on community advisory boards for decommissioning nuclear reactors

The community advisory board that provides input on the decommissioning of the Humboldt Bay Power Plant has involved a diverse group of elected officials, experts and community residents comprised of school principals and members of environmental groups, said Jennifer Kalt, director of Humboldt Baykeeper. The main way that community advisory board, or CAB, could be […]

Schatz Lab Locks Downs Grants to Study the Potential of Wind Energy Farms off the Humboldt Coast

As capital costs for offshore wind rapidly decrease and floating platform technologies come online, the northern coast of California is emerging as a promising site for the first offshore wind farm in the eastern Pacific. The region off Humboldt Bay is of particular interest due to its superior wind resource, existing deep water port, power […]

Board of Local Energy Agency Unanimously Directs Staff to Pursue Agreement With Terra-Gen Wind Project

The board of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) on Thursday unanimously directed staff to negotiate a power purchase agreement with renewable energy company Terra-Gen, along with two other green-electricity producers. If signed by the board later this summer, the agreement would put to rest at least one criticism being tossed around by skeptics of Terra-Gen’s […]

Humboldt County, cities join climate pact

HUMBOLDT –  Humboldt’s county government is joining all seven cities in devising a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is also becoming a member of an international group that promotes global sustainability policies. The county’s Board of Supervisors took several actions to advance the drafting of a Climate Action Plan at its June 11 meeting. […]

Humboldt Wind Project Faces Tough Scrutiny Despite Local Goal Of 100% Renewable Energy By 2025

For the second time in ten years, Humboldt County’s environmental community in coordination with neighborhood groups in the area hope to kill a wind power project proposed for Monument and Bear Ridge area south and west of Rio Dell in the most northerly part of California’s Lost Coast. As an example, Friends of the Eel River’s Conservation […]