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Assessing Our Strengths and Weaknesses As a Community

Robb Davis, Mayor of Davis, CA conducted a “SWOT” analysis of his city and identified Community Choice Energy as Davis’s primary opportunity. The first is community choice energy (CCE). We live in a rapidly changing electricity generation environment and CCE offers an opportunity to purchase—and incentivize production of local—renewable energy, at prices that are competitive with PG&E.  CCE […]


Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is growing throughout the state of California. As these programs grow, so does opposition to them from the local investor-owned utilities (IOU). But as popularity and success of CCA is shared, more cities and counties are starting to explore starting their own programs. The IOUs are now looking to sidestep SB […]

Per Capita Davis: ‘Floatovoltaics’ are catching on

For those who find solar panels to be an eyesore, there are alternatives for rooftop or ground mount. This article covers “floatovoltaics” and how they are being used in Sonoma County, and around the world. “Close to home, the residents of Sonoma County have formed a Community Choice Energy program similar to what the city […]

Environmental update: Sustainability programs to keep an eye on

Community Choice Energy and other sustainability programs going on in Davis, CA. “Community Choice Energy: City Council voted unanimously in March 2016 to establish a CCE program to provide local utility control. PG&E will continue to deliver electricity through its infrastructure and handle all billing and collections. “Based on the modeling by our consultants, the benefits of […]

Per Capita Davis: Let the sun shine on our solar panels

“The city, in conjunction with the county, recently voted to form a Community Choice Energy program that permits the city/county to decide the source of electricity consumed by residents and businesses. Assuming an initial mix of about 50 percent from renewables, every ratepayer — whether an owner or renter, whether we have solar on our […]

Will ‘Independence’ from PG&E Bring Cleaner and Cheaper Electricity?

The County of Yolo and its largest city, Davis, California are working through the initial phases of creating a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program. They will have a joint powers agreement (JPA) ready in the fall, and will potentially launch service as early as May or June of 2017. Davis city staff are working out […]

Editorial: Valley Communities Take Note, Davis Charts Its Own Energy Path

The City of Davis and Yolo County have both voted to take steps towards creating a Community Choice Aggregation program. This program would give residents the choice of cleaner energy sources at lower prices, beginning in less than two years. “The goal is lofty: to provide more renewable energy, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and give […]