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Will Getting the Grid Ready for 100 Percent Renewables Spike Electricity Bills?

PG&E has been making improvements to its grid to meet the state’s mandate to provide 50 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2030. This is one driver of recent rate increases. Now, a bill (SB 100) that moves up the 50 percent renewable mandate to 2026 and sets a 100 percent renewable goal by […]

Saylor Slashes Energy Costs with Solar Following Energy Retrofit

Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor and his wife adopted solar energy in December 2013 motivated by high power bills and a desire to lower their carbon footprint. Their total energy bill was peaking at about $400 a month which was unsustainable to them on several fronts. The family was well aware that there are two […]

SMUD’s Holistic DER Planning Process Could Set New Standard for Utilities

Britain ruled the world on its army’s adage that “proper planning prevents poor performance.” California’s Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is taking that idea to its distribution system. A recent SMUD estimate found customers and third-party developers spend from $150 million to $200 million annually on distributed energy resources (DERs) in its territory, which is […]

City Files Papers to Join Valley Clean Energy Alliance

Believing it’s the “right thing to do,” Woodland’s City Council is taking steps to link up with the Valley Clean Energy Alliance as a way of not only using more renewable energy but cutting costs as well. Following a presentation last week, the council took formal action to join the Energy Alliance in hopes they […]

Woodland Joins Community Choice Energy Program

Davis’ Community Choice Energy program is gaining momentum, after officials announced last week that Woodland will join the partnership between the city of Davis and Yolo County. Last Tuesday, the Davis City Council unanimously approved Woodland’s request to join the program. Final approval is pending a vote by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors at […]

Woodland Closer to Fusing with Valley Clean Energy Alliance

A little more energy — and a lot more money — by the city of Woodland could see a drop in energy costs. The Woodland City Council is on the verge of finishing an arc of study on becoming a member of the Valley Clean Energy Alliance with Yolo County and the city of Davis, […]

Woodland Moving Ahead to Team up with ‘Energy Alliance’

In science circles, an erg is a unit of energy and work that by some definitions is the equivalent of one house fly performing one “push up.” By that standard, perhaps millions of ergs have been expended to prepare a report that recommends Woodland join the Valley Clean Energy Alliance to purchase power more cheaply […]

Council Unanimously Votes to Approve Sterling Apartment Project

As the hour approached midnight and the council listed to dozens of citizens on both sides, including a relatively large number of students, the council – citing a desperate need for student housing while being somewhat wary of this proposal – unanimously approved the project, asking staff to come back with a number of conditions […]

Public to Get First Look at Community Choice Energy Proposal

A public information session has been scheduled for Woodland’s planned participation in a Community Choice Energy program. The 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, meeting at the Woodland Community & Senior Center is designed to explain how Community Choice Energy works, why local governments are forming their own CCE’s, and how residents and businesses will be affected. Members […]

More Power Applied to Community Choice Energy Program

Woodland is stepping up its effort toward providing cheaper power for the people. Now under the chairmanship of Tom Flynn, the city’s Community Choice Energy Advisory Committee is working to finish a report with recommendations that will most likely lead to linking with an agency under development by Yolo County and the city of Davis. If […]