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Sacramento leads by example on cleaner energy with help from electrification

Good news for California’s clean energy fans. Last week the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) approved an aggressive new plan that will help push California’s capitol city and its surrounding area closer to meeting, and beating, the state’s deep carbon reduction goals. Once implemented, SMUD will help create a cleaner energy and transportation […]

CPUC Decision Could Cost Energy Customers

(From Press Release) – The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted to approve controversial revisions to the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) at the October 11 Commission Voting Meeting.  The PCIA is an “exit fee” charged by the state’s investor-owned utilities (IOUs) to Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) and other departing load customers to compensate for […]

Climate Change Threats and Solutions for the Sacramento Valley

Over the next few decades, climate change is expected to make the Sacramento region hotter, drier and increasingly prone to extremes like megadroughts, flooding and large wildfires. This is expected to strain the region’s infrastructure for water and energy transmission, agricultural systems, plants and wildlife, public health, housing, and quality of life for the growing […]

Choice and Public Accountability with VCE

The recent discussion on the Valley Clean Energy switch has caught a number of people off guard.  But after all, this discussion of Community Choice Energy (and before that Community Choice Aggregation) has been going on for over four years now. One of the first articles discussing Community Choice Aggregation (as it was then known) […]

Why Were Some, Including Dunning, Apparently Sleeping on Community Choice Energy?

We have been discussing the move to Community Choice Energy, now known as Valley Clean Energy, since 2014.  It has been largely non-controversial.  Despite numerous public forums and public meetings, there has been little in the way of pushback.  Vanguard articles on the subject have generally generated limited comments. So I was pretty surprised to […]

Electrify America and Sacramento Initiate New Zero-Emission Vehicle Programs

Electrify America, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America, headquartered in Reston, Virginia, and the City of Sacramento in California have inaugurated new projects designed to increase access to zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV) in the Sacramento region, expand ZEV technology use, and prepare the City for future electric vehicle adoption. The projects – which include two […]

Sacramento’s $44 million plan to become the U.S. electric car capital

Sacramento, California, can often be under-appreciated. While the growing city is in the midst of a building boom, and just opened a high-tech new basketball arena, it’s mostly known as the capital of the Golden State. But a new initiative wants to turn Sacramento into a different kind of capital, the capital of electric cars. A new […]

Solar customers can enroll early with Pioneer to take advantage of lower rates

Pioneer Community Energy (Pioneer) will begin enrolling solar customers starting September 2018, based upon the customer’s true-up date. Solar customers interested in taking advantage of Pioneer’s lower electric rates and monthly billing cycle, do not have to wait to enroll. Solar/Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers can enroll early by calling 1 (844) 937-7466. Pioneer’s generation […]

Sacramento Utility Pushes All-Electric Homes: ‘California Is Wasting Money to Build Homes With Gas’

For homeowners in the greater Sacramento area, it just became easier to buy or convert to an all-electric home. Greentech Media reported earlier this month on local governments in California updating their building codes to encourage all-electric homes. Now, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has moved to offer rebates to install heat pumps, induction cooktops, and […]

Valley Clean Energy buying power from Flood Control district

Valley Clean Energy, the new Community Choice Energy provider for the cities of Woodland, Davis, and unincorporated Yolo County, began receiving deliveries of energy on June 1, from the Indian Valley Hydro Project. The announcement was made during the kick-off of the new energy program in Davis on June 1, however, the announcement on Thursday […]