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Community Choice Program Likely Coming to Yolo County

Yolo County supervisors are scheduled to adopt an ordinance on Tuesday implementing a Community Choice Energy Program to provide unincorporated and Davis residents with a cost and energy efficient alternative to PG&E. The ordinance was greeted with unanimous support from local residents and Board members during its first reading on Oct. 25. As a result, […]

Woodland Council to Look at ‘Community Choice’ Energy Program

A community ad hoc committee established when the Woodland City Council meets on Tuesday to evaluate the benefits and risks of joining a community choice energy program that could ultimately cut local power rates. The council meets at 6 p.m. in City Hall, 300 First St. At this point there is no fiscal effect of […]

New Renewable Energy Program Is Gaining Momentum

Davis’ Community Choice Energy program reached another milestone this week after the Davis City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to create a joint powers agency with Yolo County. The new program — recently named the Valley Clean Energy Alliance — will roll out a locally controlled energy program to distribute at least 50 percent renewable energy […]

Per Capita Davis: More about Community Choice Energy

My last column was about the basics of Community Choice Energy, an introductory course; call it CCE 101. Just to refresh, it is a partnership wherein one or more jurisdictions can partner with PG&E such that the jurisdictions assume the responsibility to purchase electricity (presumably with a higher content from renewable sources) and set the […]

Cost-competitive clean energy is on its way to Yolo County and Davis!

Do you want cost-competitive, more predictable electric utility rates, and cleaner energy sources?  Thanks to actions taken October 25, 2016 by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and the Davis City Council, the newly formed Valley Clean Energy Alliance Joint Powers Authority will offer just that in Fall, 2017.   The Valley Clean Energy Alliance (VCEA) […]

Per Capita Davis: Just what is Community Choice Energy?

The city of Davis and the county of Yolo are in the process of setting up a Community Choice Energy program. This is a partnership between these two jurisdictions and PG&E. In effect, the city and county form a Joint Powers Authority that determines what type of electricity is purchased and what rates are charged […]

Renewable Energy Talks in Woodland

Woodland, CA will hear a presentation on Community Choice Energy (CCE) tonight, September 19th. “The Woodland City Council is scheduled to hear a presentation on the Community Choice Energy Program under development by the city of Davis and Yolo County. Under the plan, residents could expand their renewable energy options, though they may have to pay […]


A project initiated in Davis, California three years ago points to opportunities for unprecedented collaboration between cities and energy utilities. The project, entitled Davis Future Renewable Energy and Efficiency (DavisFREE), mined city databases for permitting and housing statistics that could be used in tailoring net zero retrofit programs to individual neighborhoods. The information in utility […]

Assessing Our Strengths and Weaknesses As a Community

Robb Davis, Mayor of Davis, CA conducted a “SWOT” analysis of his city and identified Community Choice Energy as Davis’s primary opportunity. The first is community choice energy (CCE). We live in a rapidly changing electricity generation environment and CCE offers an opportunity to purchase—and incentivize production of local—renewable energy, at prices that are competitive with PG&E.  CCE […]


Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is growing throughout the state of California. As these programs grow, so does opposition to them from the local investor-owned utilities (IOU). But as popularity and success of CCA is shared, more cities and counties are starting to explore starting their own programs. The IOUs are now looking to sidestep SB […]