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Carlsbad and Encinitas taking different routes on community choice energy

The respective city councils of Carlsbad and Encinitas have voted to go down the road toward community choice energy but the towns have selected different routes to get there. Carlsbad’s city council on Tuesday night voted 4-0 to pursue forming a partnership with fellow North County communities such as Del Mar and Encinitas to create a […]

La Mesa and Chula Vista move forward on community choice energy program

The city councils of Chula Vista and La Mesa each gave the green light Tuesday night to take the first steps in joining forces with the city of San Diego to create the area’s first community choice energy program. “There’s power in numbers and in this case, bigger is better,” La Mesa Mayor Mark Arapostathis […]

City of San Diego invites 7 cities and the county to join a regional community choice energy agency

After more than a year of meetings with government officials from communities around the region, the city of San Diego has invited seven cities and unincorporated areas of the county to join forces and create a community choice energy program that would offer an alternative to San Diego Gas & Electric. The city made the […]

It’s Super Hot, and Super Energy Users Are Super Angry

Several years ago, California utility regulators created a special charge for “super users” who consume a lot more electricity than average. Last year, it was super hot across much of San Diego County. Guess what happened. A lot of people got super high bills. According to SDG&E, nearly 100,000 customers were hit with the “super […]

County to hold community choice energy forums

The public can give input on whether the county should buy and sell electricity during four informational forums set for coming weeks. A program called community choice aggregation would allow the county to buy, and/or generate, and sell electricity to residents and business, providing another choice to consumers who currently must use San Diego Gas […]

La Mesa Sustainability Commission stymied by CCA plan

The city of La Mesa is moving, fairly quickly, to become one of the first cities in East County San Diego to adopt a Community Choice Aggregate (CCA) plan. In simple English what that means is that once the CCA plan is implemented, La Mesa citizens will be buying electric power from the city rather […]

Escondido to issue RFP for Community Choice Aggregation energy study

“I’m so excited that this is finally before us!” exclaimed a delighted Escondido councilmember Olga Diaz at the July 17 council meeting, when the council voted unanimously to pursue a feasibility study for the city joining with several other North County cities in procuring power for local residents. This type of arrangement is known as […]

Menlo Park likely to ban gas heating, stoves in some new buildings

In a bid to be even more green than California at large, the Menlo Park City Council voted on July 16 to forge ahead with plans to require new buildings to be electrically heated and require some solar production on new nonresidential buildings, not including restaurants open to the public. Starting with the next three-year […]

Why Community Choice Energy is a win for San Diego families

Electricity in San Diego is about to become more clean, affordable and community-driven as cities across our region get ready to launch Community Choice Energy (CCE) to supply our energy needs. After years of study and careful deliberation, along with extensive public outreach, cities are in the process of taking back control of our energy […]

City of San Diego predicts community choice energy can beat SDG&E rates by 5% on customers’ bills

The city of San Diego has run the numbers and concludes adopting a community choice energy program will not only offer rates about 5 percent lower than San Diego Gas & Electric but will be a money-maker that can generate an estimated average of $110 million per year. But questions about a critical fee that community […]