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Community Choice Energy Myths Debunked, SDG&E Misdirection Exposed

SDG&E and its parent company Sempra have been misleading customers about their stance on Community Choice Energy (CCE). Sempra promotes itself as an upstanding community participant with only the best intentions for its customers, but in conjunction with SDG&E, it charges exorbitant rates and fights tooth and nail behind the scenes to maintain its monopoly. […]

Want Offshore Wind Turbines off La Jolla? 10 Lobbyists, Planning Groups, and SDG&E Debate Choosing Your Energy

The Sustainable Energy Advisory Board is discussing community choice aggregation today. It’s a hot topic revolving around greenhouse gas emissions and whether to stay with SDG&E or create a new local government agency tasked with purchasing energy and setting utility rates. SDG&E would still deliver the electricity and send out the bills which would include […]

CCA Plans Advance, Another First for City

SOLANA BEACH — The county’s second smallest city is poised to become its first to launch community choice aggregation, or CCA. Council members voted 4-1 at the May 24 meeting to award contracts to a consulting team that will create, implement and operate the alternative energy program. “We’re talking about a milestone,” said resident and […]

Del Mar Treads Cautiously on Community Choice Energy

Harboring a fair share of questions and concerns, Del Mar wants to look into a government-run energy alternative that would free the city from SDG&E’s long-standing monopoly. The City Council on Monday, June 5, voted unanimously to partner with three other North County cities on a feasibility study that would sort through the many uncertainties […]

City Budget Supports Community Choice Energy

SAN DIEGO – June 6, 2017 — We are pleased to see the City Council standing up for an essential piece of the Climate Action Plan in the Fiscal Year 2018 budget by voting to include $200,000 for the next phase of Community Choice Energy. We are particularly grateful for the leadership of Councilmember Gómez, […]

Solana Beach Embarks on New Energy Future

Solana Beach is on its way to becoming the first jurisdiction in San Diego to move toward an energy alternative to SDG&E, striving for the promise of cheaper electricity rates, greater local control and a higher percentage of renewable energy. In a historic 4-1 vote on Wednesday, May 24, the Solana Beach City Council launched […]

Sempra VP Surprises, Says 100 Percent Renewable Grid Is Possible Now

A vice president with Sempra Energy, one of the nation’s largest utilities, made a stunning admission to a roomful of gas and oil executives this week: there is no technical impediment to California getting all of its energy from renewables — now. RELATED: Q&A – Sempra Energy Executive: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Can Be Done […]

Solana Beach Becomes First in County to Opt for Alternative Energy Program

The city of Solana Beach became the first in the county Wednesday to move forward with an alternative energy program called community choice that allows local governments to bypass San Diego Gas & Electric and buy their energy directly. Community choice is meant to help governments use more renewable energy, such as solar, wind and […]

This City Could Become Region’s First to Offer SDG&E Alternative for Electricity

Solana Beach has for years flirted with an energy program that would give its residents and businesses a government-run alternative to San Diego Gas & Electric. On Wednesday, it could launch official steps toward becoming the first municipality in the county to do so. While the City Council’s planned vote on a resolution Wednesday wouldn’t […]

Ocean Beach Planning Board Endorses More Choices for Electricity

If skeptics of climate change and defenders of San Diego Gas & Electric are abundant in Ocean Beach, it wasn’t apparent at this month’s meeting of the Ocean Beach Planning Board. Seeing none of either constituency, the OBPB threw its weight behind the creation of a government body designated to buy electricity and compete with […]