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Encinitas Names Former Sierra Madre Mayor as New Councilman

Joe Mosca, manager for San Diego Gas & Electric Co. has been appointed to the Encinitas City Council. Encinitas is currently exploring Community Choice Energy and Mr. Mosca was asked how he would handle any conflicts of interest. “Councilman Tony Kranz, who later in the evening said he would like one more week to review the […]

SDG&E’s Plan To Lobby On Community Choice Is Suspended

San Diego Gas & Electric’s plan to lobby on the alternative energy program called community choice aggregation was approved in August 2016, but now has been suspended because it does not comply with state directions. Under state law, the utility is prohibited from lobbying or marketing on community choice unless it forms an independent district that’s funded by shareholders, not ratepayers. […]

The Benefits of Community Choice Energy and How California Utilities Aim to Block Them

In California, the fight is on between renewable energy advocates and the old guard electric utilities. All across California, cities and counties have been moving to implement Community Choice programs because they provide cheaper, cleaner, locally generated electricity. In fact these programs are so good, the utilities hope you never hear about them. Before we get […]

Community Choice Aggregation – San Diego County

County of San Diego Board of Supervisors are expected to vote in January on whether to conduct a feasibility study on regards to following the recent decision by cities in Northern California, to implement ‘community choice aggregation’. Nicole Capretz, the director of the nonprofit Climate Action Campaign, is lobbying cities to move forward on community […]

Community Choice Energy Creates Buzz

In California, state law allows local governments to set up their own not-for-profit electricity providers to give customers choice in who provides their electricity. Legislators called the concept ‘Community Choice Aggregation,’ but it’s popularly known as Community Choice Energy (CCE). The draw is that it enables local control over rates and more clean energy in […]

North County Cities Exploring Program to Sidestep SDG&E to Buy Energy

Solana Beach’s vote this month to begin negotiations to set up Community Choice Aggregation is one of several steps North County cities are making toward the alternative energy program. The Solana Beach City Council voted 4-1 to have the city manager work with two energy consulting companies. If they reach an agreement on providing Community Choice Aggregation services to […]

Solana Beach to Negotiate Contract with Consultant Team for CCA Services

Continuing to explore the possibility of creating the county’s first local power program, the Solana Beach City Council on Nov. 16 authorized the city manager to initiate negotiations with a consultant team to provide Community Choice Aggregation services to the city. Prior to the vote, Assistant City Manager Dan King explained that taking this step does not […]

‘Matinee Pricing’ OK’d for SDG&E’s Larger Customers

The state Public Utilities Commission on Thursday authorized pilot programs for San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison to offer commercial, industrial and agricultural customers discounts for using energy in the middle of the day. It’s being called “Matinee Pricing.” The commissioners want to see if they can get larger customers to consume more energy in the afternoon, when […]

Council May Select CCA Consultant Nov. 9

SOLANA BEACH — With council members expected to select at the Nov. 9 meeting a consultant to help with Community Choice Aggregation plans, the city has created a link on its website to provide residents with information. For the past five years Solana Beach has been discussing CCA, a program that allows cities, either on […]

Why Does San Diego Have Such Bad Air Quality?

It’s Worse than You Might Think… There is a lot of discussion these days about climate change. Global warming. Carbon emissions. The Climate Action Plan. You no doubt have friends talking about going electric, or who are proud owners and drivers of electric vehicles. Or friends or family members who devoutly bike everywhere. You may […]