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Solana Beach Council Mulls Community Choice Aggregation Program

The city of Solana Beach, CA is seeking service providers to run its Community Choice Aggregation program (CCA). The city has received three bids from potential providers, however there are some who feel there are unanswered questions surrounding CCA, and that further public outreach is needed before making any commitments. “I think a lot of […]

2nd Annual Climate Crisis Conference

Discover how you can make a difference. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn about and discuss the scientific, religious, political, military and economic aspects of the climate crisis at an event hosted by the Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation Synod of Southern California and Hawaii Presbyterian Church, USA. The conference will feature […]

How They Voted, Sept. 25

This article contains a roundup of how the city councils in San Diego County voted on September, 25th. Oceanside was of note as they voted to take steps into the exploration of creating a Community Choice Aggregation program. OCEANSIDE The Oceanside City Council met Wednesday to discuss labor negotiations, litigation and property negotiations. In open […]

Questions Raised Over Community Choice Aggregation

As Borrego and surrounding towns have seen their electricity bills increased and many consumers are on different rate tiers then before, the Community Choice Aggregation programs are causing concern. The article below by Bianca Kaplanek of The Coast News Group shows how more questions than answers have been raised over the proposal, with some residents […]

SDG&E Trying to Stop Community Choice Aggregation

San Diego faces new challenges in creating a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. SDG&E, the city’s incumbent utility, has launched a new investor-funded marketing arm aimed at derailing any progress towards the creation of a CCA. “From SDG&E’s perspective, the situation is pretty clear-cut. As more cities embrace community choice aggregation, this means fewer customers […]

San Diego’s 100 Percent Renewable Energy Mandate Does Not Include the Energy Source Called Natural Gas

Can Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) help San Diego reach its renewable energy goals? The cities Climate Action Plan calls for the creation of a CCA, but the city is still in the early stages of exploration. San Diego’s renewable energy commitment to reach 100% clean power by 2035 ignores natural gas use for heating, cooking, and […]

Communities Should Embrace This Technology – Letter to the Editor

Regarding “More cities, counties choosing green energy sources” (Aug. 15): Thank you for the excellent article on Community Choice Energy (CCE). Like Uber and Airbnb, CCE is a disruptive technology that challenges conventional establishments. Those technologies give people choices in transit and lodging. Similarly, CCE gives people choices in electricity. Just as consumers may still […]

Inventor of Community Choice Describes CCA 2.0

How can Community Choice power the energy revolution? “The next five years will see more change in the energy industry than has occurred in the previous fifty years.” So begins “Community Choice Aggregation 2.0 Strategies for Distributed Energy Resources in a CCA Environment,” a recently released a white paper by the inventor of Community Choice […]

KUSI TV: Backlash Against SDG&E’s New Division Funded By Shareholders

KUSI (Allen Denton and and Sandra Maas) interviews Nicole Capretz on live television about San Diego Gas & Electric’s new tool to try to convince local communities to back off using alternative energy sources. The Public Utilities Commission allowed the utility to setup a separate and special division funded by shareholders, not ratepayers. The purpose of the division […]

SDG&E aims to launch lobbying arm

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is attempting to sidestep SB 790 by using shareholder funds to launch a marketing campaign against Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). SDG&E would be the first IOU to be allowed to create such a marketing division as SB 790 prohibits IOUs from using ratepayer funds for such a campaign. “Regulators are […]