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Clean Energy Joint Venture Gains Support: San Mateo County Joint Powers Authority Formed to Buy Renewable Energy in Bulk

About 297,000 PG&E customers in San Mateo County could get their energy from renewable sources in less than a year under a joint powers authority being formed called Peninsula Clean Energy. The Office of Sustainability has been granted $1.5 million to form the joint venture known as Community Choice Aggregation that is already in place […]

Supervisors Give Go Ahead to Energy Plan

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors gave the go ahead last week for staff to proceed with Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). Supervisors voted to accept the feasibility study, which found that CCA would be viable. Staff was directed to form a joint powers authority (JPA) and bring in experts in energy and marketing to design […]

Sonoma Clean Power Adds Electric Vehicles to Its Fight to Address Climate Change

The launch of Sonoma Clean Power in spring of 2014 is widely cited as the single largest action Sonoma County has taken to address climate change locally. The public agency and the county’s dominant electricity provider is credited with reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere through large-scale purchase and […]

Sonoma Goes Greener with New ‘EverGreen’ Utility Plan

Taking a small step into the energy future, the City of Sonoma voted last week to become the first jurisdiction in Sonoma County, and perhaps the North Bay, to adopt the zero-emissions EverGreen plan from Sonoma Clean Power. The optional premium plan, which uses 100 percent local renewable power sources for providing kilowatts to the […]

Marin Water District Joins ‘Deep Green’ Electricity Plan

One of the county’s top energy users will move toward using Marin Clean Energy’s so-called “deep green” option, meaning its electricity will come from 100 percent renewable sources. The move by the Marin Municipal Water District — to go into effect July 1, 2017 — will cost the district another $200,000 annually on its electricity […]

MCE Selects ZGlobal Inc. to Provide Energy Scheduling and Portfolio Optimization Services

FOLSOM, Calif.–Power Engineering and Energy Solutions (“ZGlobal”) announced that it has been selected through a competitive solicitation to provide MCE with Energy Scheduling and Portfolio Optimization services. “We are extremely excited to be working with MCE and look forward to assisting them in their efforts to provide their customers with stable and competitive rates,” stated […]

Why Silicon Valley Governments are Lining Up to Buy Their Own Power

In the San Francisco Bay Area, a major shift is quietly taking place in how local governments facing aggressive climate targets pursue increasingly in-demand renewable energy. At issue is a seemingly wonky but important concept called “Community Choice Aggregation,” which entails creating new public entities to procure power for local ratepayers from a mix of fossil fuel […]

County Flips the Switch on Clean Energy: Peninsula Clean Energy Launches

San Mateo County flipped the switch Thursday away from Pacific Gas and Electric toward greener options provided by Peninsula Clean Energy. “This is a historic day,” Supervisor Dave Pine said. “PCE will provide substantially cleaner energy at lower and competitive prices.” The county and all 20 cities formed the joint powers agency to buy cleaner […]

City of Sonoma Goes “Evergreen”

The City of Sonoma will be the first in the county to switch all of its own electric accounts to Sonoma Clean Power’s Evergreen or 100% clean power option. This means all of the electric for the city will come from geothermal (The Geysers) and solar sources, no carbon footprint will be created to produce the city’s energy. […]

Peninsula Clean Energy Launches Service in San Mateo County

Peninsula Clean Energy, San Mateo County’s new official electricity provider, will be “flipping the switch” at a press conference on Thursday, October 6th at 10:30 a.m. Please join Peninsula Clean Energy board members, staff, and media representatives in the courtyard of the San Mateo County Center to celebrate the launch of service. Peninsula Clean Energy […]