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Timeline for Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority Announced

by Bruce Karney, President of the Board, Carbon Free Mountain View Key outcomes from the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority (SVCEA) Board Meeting on June 8, 2016: 1) Rollout of SVCE’s service will take place at a fast pace in three phases.  Phase 1 will happen in April 2017, Phase 2 in July 2017 and Phase […]

Clean energy coming, but cheaper rates?

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) customers of Marin Clean Energy (MCE) typically pay lower rates and receive higher rates of renewable energy than they would get from their investor owned utility, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). However, new MCE customers in American Canyon are questioning whether or not their rates will be lower than rates they […]

Wednesday: Portola Valley may go with 100% renewable sources for electricity

Portola Valley will be joining Peninsula Clean Energy, but they would like to opt-in for the 100% renewable power by default. Customers wanting to participate in PCE’s other programs, or to receive their power from PG&E, will have to opt-out of the program. “Portola Valley’s Town Council is set to consider on May 25 a venture that […]

Some Say Alameda County’s New Green Energy Plan Isn’t Green Enough Alameda County is on the brink of creating its own electricity system, which will provide greener energy at lower prices than PG&E. But some community and environmental activists argue that the current strategy for a community choice energy system, or CCE, fails to adequately prioritize local energy generation — and the well-paying jobs that […]

Orinda City Council Declines Funding CCE Study

“The Orinda City Council stayed focused on its roads, not renewable energy, when it decided not to contribute funds to a proposed study of Community Choice Energy (CCE). After hearing a detailed review of developments in the area and explanation of what the county seeks to determine with the study, the council decided that it […]

Menlo Park has joined Peninsula Clean Energy

The City of Menlo Park has joined Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE). Menlo Park released an announcement today quickly detailing Community Choice Aggregation and the benefits it offers. PCE plans to launch soon and has been sending notices out to customers giving them the option to “opt-out” of the program if they choose. Please stay tuned for more […]

Clean Power goals

In response to the recent announcements from Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) on their plans for the future, Don Green wrote a letter to the editor of the Press Democrat to remind us of SCP’s goals. Don asks that we do not focus solely on price competition with PG&E, but for Sonoma County to take advantage […]

North Bay Roundup

Here is what has been happening in the North Bay lately: MCE Clean Energy has been busy adding seven new municipalities — Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Napa, American Canyon, St. Helena, Calistoga, and Yountville  — to their joint powers authority (JPA). Dawn Weisz CEO, of MCE, says that by adding to the cities to the JPA, their customers could […]

Silicon Valley Community Choice Programs Moving Forward: Two CEOs Hired

Peninsula Clean Energy and Silicon Valley Clean Energy, both newly formed, took substantial strides in recent weeks toward preparing their programs for launch. The nascent effort in San Jose is also moving down the tracks. Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), encompassing all twenty cities plus the unincorporated areas of San Mateo County, established its joint powers […]

Clean energy program nears start

Barring a vote from the San Mateo County Supervisors to approve the $7.88 million to get the program started, Peninsula Clean Energy is preparing to launch. “Initial customer enrollments will begin Oct. 1. A second group of customers will be added April 1, 2017, and the remaining customers will start to be enrolled in October […]