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California’s Tree Die-Off Gives Life to New Business

Deep in California, in the Sierra National Forest, there are more dead trees than live ones. And figuring out what do with them is a towering task. Forest Supervisor Dean Gould sees the evidence every day of the state’s massive tree die-off, a crisis that’s claimed more than 102-million trees over eight million acres in […]

Gone green: The Foothills Event Center invests in renewable energy

When Mardie Caldwell purchased and rehabilitated The Foothills Event Center in 2013, she says she had a vision for creating a warm, welcoming gathering place for the community in an environmentally friendly facility. Changes, both small and large over the past few years have made that vision a reality. A few weeks ago, a large […]

U.S. Surpasses 40 Cities Committed to 100% Renewables, Notes Sierra Club

On Thursday, just days after Orlando, Fla., established a similar goal, Nevada City, Calif., joined the growing list of U.S. cities that are officially committed to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. Surrounded by city council members, key members of the community and partners, Nevada City Mayor Duane Strawser announced the city’s near-unanimous vote to […]

California Survives the Eclipse without Losing Any Energy

FOLSOM, Calif. – When the moon partially obscured the sun here on Monday, dozens of engineers watched from a large, gray control room outside Sacramento. Electric grid operators at the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), which delivers 80 percent of the electricity in a state that has more solar energy capacity than every other state […]

City Council Votes to Join Energy Authority

Lincoln City Council voted 3-2 Tuesday night to join the Sierra Valley Energy Authority, a Joint Powers Agency (JPA) that might provide electricity at lower rates than PG&E. Councilmen Gabriel Hydrick and Stan Nader voted against joining the Sierra Valley Energy Authority. According to a report by Lincoln Economic Development manager Shawn Tillman, legislation passed […]

“Solarbration” for Nevada County’s Solar Generation and Energy Efficiency Program

NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 20, 2017 – Tuesday, June 20th, Nevada County celebrated the solar power generation of two of the five solar sites that are part of the County’s Solar Generation and Energy Efficiency Program: the Eric Rood Administrative Center, and Wayne Brown Correctional Facility. The program is projected to save $7 million in […]

CCAs Bring Comeuppance to Big Utilities

You can call it a form of comeuppance for huge privately owned California utility companies unscathed so far by exposure of their negligence and blundering of the past decade. They now find themselves deeply threatened by what some might consider a small army of mosquitos. No individual was penalized when a federal trial found Pacific […]

Another View: Placer’s energy future

The Golden State Warriors with their lightening passes, 3-pointers from the other side of the moon and tenacious defense clobbered the Cavs to win the NBA Basketball Championship. It’s exciting to watch a team perform at the top of their game. In the public policy arena, the stakes are higher. We need our local elected […]

Sierra Valley Energy Authority Seeks IT Services

Placer County and the cities of Colfax, Rocklin, Auburn, and Loomis have formed a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) for the purpose of administering a new Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. The new JPA is called Sierra Valley Energy Authority (SVEA). The purpose of SVEA is to take local control over the electricity supply from the […]

Time for Redding, REU to Go Solar

California now gets a very significant portion of its electrical generation from solar power.  So much so that consumers were just advised to turn off unneeded lights and unplug appliances on Aug. 21 when a partial solar eclipse will cover the state. With our temperate to hot temperatures, why is the city of Redding not generating its […]