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NID will host a Community Choice Aggregation roundtable on August 23

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. July 3, 2018 – Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is a growing trend in California as a way for local governments and utility agencies to provide residents and businesses with a choice of an electric generation provider. To explore this opportunity for our local community, Nevada Irrigation District (NID) will host a roundtable […]

Solar customers can enroll early with Pioneer to take advantage of lower rates

Pioneer Community Energy (Pioneer) will begin enrolling solar customers starting September 2018, based upon the customer’s true-up date. Solar customers interested in taking advantage of Pioneer’s lower electric rates and monthly billing cycle, do not have to wait to enroll. Solar/Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers can enroll early by calling 1 (844) 937-7466. Pioneer’s generation […]

Butte County begins to explore CCA

Butte County is currently exploring ways to reduce energy costs through Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). County staff began working with industry and the public to gain a better understanding of the potential benefits of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). CCA allows local governments to become an energy purveyor and to purchase electrical energy on the wholesale […]

Racing the clock: Can Chico State erase its carbon footprint by 2030?

Chico State’s motto “today decides tomorrow” has resonated with a class of environmentally conscious students. For Natalie Kinney, it means the university must make decisions now to ensure a better future for the planet and generations to come. Though the university pledged in 2007 to become climate neutral by 2030, Kinney and her peers feel that […]

Community workshops for Placer Sustainability Plan set for April

Placer County is in the process of developing a sustainability plan, outlining ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and manage climate risks that threaten property value, natural resources and Placer quality of life. Two community workshops in April will offer a chance to learn about the plan’s purpose and goals and how to become involved […]

Grass Valley City Council OK’s Energy Action Plan

Cleaner energy and new trails were among the topics under discussion at the Grass Valley City Council Tuesday night. Council members approved signing a participation agreement with the Sierra Business Council to prepare an Energy Action Plan, which is intended to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program, conducted in partnership with […]

Pioneer Board votes unanimously: Rates are now 9% lower than PG&E

The Pioneer Community Energy (Pioneer) Board reviewed its rates in light of PG&E’s recent rate hikes, and voted unanimously to maintain Pioneer’s rates as they were set December 2017. Pioneer customers will now realize an average 9% discount on electric generation over PG&E rates, which went up March 1, 2018. Pioneer has been committed to […]

Electric future: Tesla plans supercharger station for Chico

Like many local couples, Marc Kessler and Julia Keener love to plan getaway trips to the coast. When they invested in their first electric vehicle, a Tesla Model X, two years ago, they scouted charging stations along their route from Chico to the Fort Bragg/Point Arena area, zeroing in on a small town of about 15,000 […]

Our View: Transparency key in rollout of energy program

Integrity. It’s a key component for any elected official in Placer County to have and retain. And Placer County residents have a right, if not a duty, to keep a wary eye on the integrity of all those who hold or seek public office. The integrity of every dollar that comes in and goes out […]

Pioneer ‘opt outs’ at 5 percent

Pioneer Community Energy is reporting an “opt out” rate of 5 percent as it moves into its first billing cycle this month. The number wasn’t a surprise to the joint powers authority. Residents are being given the option of going with Pioneer electric generation or opting out and staying with Pacific Gas & Electric Co. […]