Community Choice and Climate Change


When 97 percent of all climate scientists agree that climate change is real and caused at least partly by humans (, assertions to the contrary like those by Bill Stoops (in last week’s Solana Beach Sun) are a distraction.

Community Choice Energy (aka Community Choice Aggregation or CCA), also attacked by Mr. Stoops, will allow Solana Beach’s residents and businesses to choose an energy supplier other than SDG&E. Solana Beach will join the eight other CCA’s throughout California that deliver lower-priced electricity, and a greater proportion of renewable energy. For those who wish to stay with SDG&E, they can stay. For those who like the idea of competition, choice, lower rates, and reduced fossil fuel emissions, this opportunity is heaven-sent.

Peter Zahn

Solana Beach

Community Choice and Climate Change, by Peter Zahn, Del Mar Times, June 22, 2017.

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