Community Choice Energy a good choice

I was pleased to read about the 450 jobs and $3.1 million in local spending during construction of the Mustang solar project (Solar power facility goes live in Kings, Hanford Sentinel 8/24/16).

The project produces solar energy that benefits customers of Sonoma Clean Power and Marin Clean Energy. Meanwhile, the South Valley remains tied to SoCal Edison’s monopoly and does not reap economic benefits post-construction.

A safe future depends in part on a transition to clean energy such as solar. The control over how we arrive to this future also needs to be a part of public discourse. A recent survey of Valley residents shows a majority wants more renewable energy. There is a demand.

One way to make this a reality for the Valley is Community Choice Energy (CCE), similar to Lancaster’s, Sonoma’s, and Marin’s programs. CCEs facilitate consumer choice, local economic benefits, lower rates, and community health through cleaner air.

Central Valley residents and businesses deserve the services the Mustang project provides to others. I’d like to see our elected officials in Hanford and Kings County begin an evaluation of this opportunity.

Community Choice Energy a Good Choice, by Pedro Hernández, The Sentinel, September 1, 2016.

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