Community Choice Energy Program to Go Forward as Planned

HUMBOLDT, Calif. – Redwood Coast Energy Authority has announced that the Community Choice Energy Program will go forward as planned and begin in May of this year.

In 2002 the County of Humboldt voted in favor of an opt-out program known as Community Choice Energy. This program allows the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) to purchase cleaner energy alternatives from third party companies that will automatically be implemented into the power grid in May of this year.

Richard Engle; senior energy specialist at RCEA, told North Coast News that this program will not result in a higher electric bills for consumers as the prices for renewable energy are often more competitive and most average consumers can expect a 2.7% cut in the monthly bill.

RCEA also says that the new renewable energy is delivered through PG&E lines so their services will not be changed or interrupted at all. PG&E will continue to handle things like meter reading and responding to power outages.

Consumers that do not wish to take part in the program can opt-out though the RCEA and continue to get all their electricity thought PG&E. Currently 30% of all electricity provided by PG&E is renewable as compared to 37% renewable electricity through the Community Choice Energy Program. Conversely people who wish to get 100% of their electricity though renewable sources can opt-in through the RCEA.

Community Choice Energy Program to Go Forward as Planned, by Zachary Lathouris, KRCR, February 3, 2017.

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