Community Members Vocalize Opinions at Last Council Meeting before Break

Durning the July 11th meeting of the Santa Clarita City Council members of the public urged the council to join the Los Angeles County Community Choice Energy Program. Read their comments below. 

“This is a risk-free way to fight climate change and help consumers save money,” resident Logan Smith said.

Activists from and local ratepayers said joining the agreement would save money and electricity at a renewable baseline of 30, 50 or 100 percent, but would also allow people who want to opt out to do so.

“The solution to climate change is moving quickly to renewable energy,” local representative Alan Weiner said. “There is no downside to this.”

He then grabbed a cowboy hat and sang, “the sun shines down on everyone, the best energy is free.”

After making the mayor laugh with an anecdote about how he was mistaken for a senator because of his name, speaker Harry Reid echoed these sentiments.

“I get to help you become heroes without any risk,” Reid said. “You have the chance to hit a homerun without the risk of striking out.”

Community Members Vocalize Opinions at Last Council Meeting before Break, by Gina Ender, The Signal, July 11, 2017.

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