Community Choice Energy – Central Valley Focus: Webinar #12, 10/17/2018

Webinar Recording

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Woody Hasting’s opening slides

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Darrel Pyle Slides

Kirk Uhler Slides


This webinar will focus on the opportunities and challenges of establishing Community Choice Energy in California’s Central Valley. We will begin with an overview of recent activities in the Central Valley in support of Community Choice, including the latest on Hanford’s progress in forming a Community Choice agency by Hanford City Manager Darrel Pyle.

Following that, our presenters for this webinar will include Rick DeGolia, Atherton City Councilmember and Vice Chair of Peninsula Clean Energy and Kirk Uhler, Placer County Supervisor and Pioneer Community Energy Governing Board member. Mr. DeGolia will share Atherton’s and San Mateo County’s experience in evaluating and then launching the fifth Community Choice agency in California, Peninsula Clean Energy, which launched in October 2016 and serves about 290,000 customers in San Mateo County.

Supervisor Uhler will share similar experiences from the perspective of a Supervisor in Placer County and his role in launching and governing Pioneer Community Energy, which launched service in February 2018.

Support for the Clean Power Exchange program provided by the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation.

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