Danville Joins ‘Clean Energy’ Wave

Starting next year, Danville’s 17,500 residential and commercial electricity users will be able to choose cleaner, renewable energy with the town’s joining with the San Rafael-based MCE Clean Energy program.

Danville joins Contra Costa County and several other cities, including Walnut Creek, Richmond, Martinez, Concord, Moraga, El Cerrito, Lafayette and San Pablo, that have opted to join MCE Clean Energy over the past few years.

The cities and counties taking part in “community choice aggregation” are part of a Joint Powers Authority that buys, sources or generates electricity for their residents and businesses. The goal is to provide more local control and more options for cheaper, cleaner power. Much of the electricity obtained through MCE is from renewable sources such as wind and solar; customers choosing “deep green” energy get all of it from renewable sources.

The electricity will still be transmitted via PG&E’s transmission lines, and customers would continue to be billed for electricity and gas through PG&E.

“The (MCE) group has a proven track record of securing a higher level of renewable energy while keeping rates low for consumers,” according a Danville report.

The Town Council made the move to join MCE June 6 after months of getting public feedback by way of an online survey, three public workshops, and discussion at five council meetings.

Danville Joins ‘Clean Energy’ Wave, by Sam Richards, East Bay Times, August 1, 2017.

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