CCA+DER Introductory Resources

This section features a selection of suggested resources and reference sites in the following categories. They are introductory resources we hope you will find useful, and provide context for the rest of the DER⌁Hub sections.   

  • Note: Resources and websites specific to a particular DER energy supply method (e.g. solar) or demand-side technology (e.g. EVs) will be located in those respective sections of the DER⌁Hub, rather than in this Introductory Resources section.  
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Quickstart: If time is short, these slides concisely explain why CCAs should care about DERs

CCAs & DERs: Opportunities for Early Action

Key Points:

  • California’s CCA sector is scaling rapidly
  • Mandates and market forces are creating opportunities
  • “Kicking the can” on DER planning is risky
  • Opportunities exist for early action on CCA DER programming
  • Collaboration and knowledge transfer are crucial
  • Unlocking DER potential with integrated CCA data.

(Credit: EcoShift Consulting, Chris Sentieri, 2018, 14 slides)